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Lazarus Chakwera is a Time Waster…Lozani Zanu!


Looking at President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s American English accent and the amount of globetrotting he has done, one would have expected him to have signed a lot of agreements for projects for him to launch and leave the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) initiated and negotiated ones for projects to Members of Parliament  or ministers.

Former President Dr. Joyce Banda struggled to open Bingu stadium and Malawi University Of Science and Technology (MUST) because of the Bingu wa Mutharika name. Chakwera as well, he struggles to mention Peter Mutharika when he goes to inaugurate DPP projects.

He can just leave these for his ministers and focus on MEGA farms, a house and an office for every Member of Parliament  in their constituency, the 6 Lane Road, universal farm input subsidy, 1 million jobs etc. It is bad for him to go inaugurate APMs brainchild and not acknowledge APM. That is sin.

Fair play, our time with Chakwera has been a waste. Malawi has gone down a lot. Too much talking talking and travelling travelling without being tangible.

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