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Chakwera administration is cursed…Needs an exorcism

By Booker Matemvu

When one would usually think that government would be the solution to most of the economy’s problems, it, sadly, dawns on you that Government is the problem.

When you would expect Government to set its priorities right, you find that it goes ahead to, unabashedly, turn them upside down.

It goes on to set aside resources to build chiefs houses and will later build similar houses for its members of parliament. How that will help an ailing economy, only the politicians understand.

When you would expect Government to use each and every resource at its disposal efficiently, it goes on to go on a spending spree. Charter a presidential jet to Davos when the economy is on a deathbed.

How that will help regenerate and invigorate the economy, only President Lazarus Chakwera and his Tonse Alliance government knows.

I have always wondered whether the five year term needs to be extended so that we can have more time of serious development rather than politics? Would ten years be better? Or, that would just saddle us with more politics?

Imagine, before the two year mark, we are already in campaign mode. Campaign for an election that will come three years from now. Maybe, Government needs an exorcism. It is cursed after all!

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