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Malawian Citizen Pens Russian President Vladimir Putin On Russia-Ukraine War

Dear Vladimir Putin,

I am writing this to you from a country known as Malawi. It has been about two months now since your invasion in Ukraine and it pains us to see how your war has affected us in the past two years!

My humble plea to you is to end that war so that our President, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, should start delivering to his people as your war is preventing him from fulfilling all his promises.

With your war in Ukraine our President is finding it difficult to fight corruption, with your invasion in Ukraine our president is failing to curb tribalism.

It’s shameful to see how our president is struggling to end nepotism because of your war.

Mr. Putin, the youth in our country will find it hard to forgive you because your war has denied them 1 million opportunities for them to be employed.

Imagine it’s been two years now since our public hospitals run out of drugs because of your two months war in Ukraine….The list is endless Mr. Putin.

Therefore, as a concerned citizen I humbly ask you to end that war so that we may enjoy the promises that we’ve been waiting for the past two years since your invasion in Ukraine two months ago.

Yours faithfully,

Munyasa weniweni

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