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SEALAND INVESTMENT’S DIPAK JEVANT RISKS ARREST…Paid billions for none supplied fertiliser, ACB searches his office

Sealand Investments Limited in Lilongwe owned and run by Mr. Dipak Jevant is being investigated for fraud and corruption by Fiscal Police and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) after records have shown that his three companies got paid for none supplied goods and services.

The two state institutions yesterday confiscated a number of documents from the office of Dipak, after it was discovered that he got paid for fertiliser which he did not supply. 

His other companies Greenfield and Agriafrica were also used in this game of notes and crosses. In short Dipak Jevant was stealing from the public through false claims in the form of interests and invoices.  All this is documented and some documents have already gone viral.

The tax collectors MRA are tomorrow going to inspect his books as he has not paid tax for his two other companies listed above.

Dipak Jevant got used to these deals in the DPP days after he was kicked out from Farmers World limited upon falling out with Pramod Kalalira. Dipak Jevant was very close to the former regime.

Even at Farmers World Limited he did the same as he was trying to replace Admarc with private traders. Every farming season he used to fight for three companies to Sealand investments limited, Greenfields Agro limited and Africa Agriafrica limited. All these would be under paid and then push for interest.

Jevant also used Pawooh Logistics and Midima Produce limited belonging to late Limumba Karia. Please refer to the attachment and see the figures involved.

Ministry of Agriculture raised alarm last week after auditors singled out Sealand Investments Limited as the company that was paid billions of kwachas due to serious political connections.

Dipak Jevant has serious fraud case now. All farmers should demonstrate at his office in Lilongwe.

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