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Oops! Corruption rocks Johnson’s UK administration…PM Boris told to resign

UK Parliament protesting against Boris’s mass corruption

The Boris Johnson administration in the UK has tried to endear itself to the world as tough tackler of corruption elsewhere beyond the UK boundaries but details are circulating of the corruption mess in his own backyard and by his own government officials.

At the moment, Johnson is already facing mounting pressure for hosting a booze party at a time of Covid-19 lockdown which has led to an outrage by the British people who now want him to resign for bringing shame to the country.

While this is happening, there has emerged evidence of rampant corruption by the Johnson administration.

One case that highlights the mess is the one in which the UK media have exposed a fraudulent award of a contract to a firm known as Serco to conduct contact and tracing in relation to Covid-19.

The media reports are claiming that the Serco delivered a chaotic contact and tracing exercise such that it failed to reach thousands of the British people.

However, the firm still walked away with 165 million pounds in profit.

They further expose that Johnson’s Health Minister, Edward Argar, was once senior executive at the firm which suggests that the contract was awarded on the cronyism terms.

The opposition Labour party further claims that the Johnson government has put as much 2 million pounds of British taxpayers money in the pockets of cronies through dubious health related contracts at the expense of the National Health Service.

Among the countries the UK has invaded recently in the name of fighting ‘corruption’ is Malawi.

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