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When a rich man literally hires a state president to lead the singing of a birthday song to his wife

By Prof Danwood Chirwa

As the new year starts, all those who’ve been fighting for a corrupt-free Malawi let’s admit defeat. We have lost the battle, yet again, to a new group of crooks, who have now removed the last veneer of pretence.

As we were on leave and not watching, they went all out in the open, congregating at a so-called rich man’s den to cement and celebrate his status as the new topmost state capturer.

From media reports, apparently the ‘rich man’ hired three ‘musicians’: two real, a South African young singer, and a long discredited kwasa-kwasa artist who was a few years ago chased away from Kenya like a dog and has been boycotted by many African countries because of his well-known violence-against-women credentials; the other not a real musician but an impostor.

The rich man literally hired a state president of an entire African nation to lead the singing of a birthday song to his wife, the backup team being the entire cabinet, even as the real musicians sat by listening to badly out-of-tune voices. In attendance were some known crooks and hedonists. It was a congregation of people that should never stand near state power in any country.

All of this shameful behaviour took place, to great applause from similarly misguided apologists, as details of the corrupt deals of another major state capturer facing charges in Europe were being revealed.

I’ve never seen an African president so gluttonous and easy to capture. No previous president has been so blatant in advertising his pathetic state of beholdenness.

Granted, he has managed to hoodwink a pliant and gullible population. He can rest assured, however, that he and his gang of crooks will have their day of reckoning. They will all fail and fall, it’s a matter of time.

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  1. This is a president who cares indeed, mainly when it comes to entertainment. He is not even able to tell that things are not well in the country absolutely in all government departments. If a leader is unable to discern the state of affairs for the people he leads, who will do it on his behalf since all his cabinet has shifted their focus from serving the electorate to aligning their pockets with stolen money from our taxes? This is a very sorry, unconvincing and dead administration surviving on God’s grace. Surprisingly, Zeze who 18 months ago was busy criss-crossing the country under the aegis “Public reform” has gone AWOL (Absence Without Leave), surprisingly incognito. The guy basically confused his colleague by utilising very professional description of his public reform agenda, hence the choice he made by simply seating on the report to let it gather dust at the state house because it meant nosense to him. This auto-piloted administration will soon crash and as usual the most affected will be the unsuspecting electorate who were made to get hold of “Chiphwisi” – yes foul air. Pomafika 2025 tikhala tonse titafa!!


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