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Will the Real Bright Please Stand Up and Be Counted?

Bright of comfort zones

There are three possible candidates that really excite me in Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Dr. Dalitso Kabambe, Walter Nyamilandu and one Bright Msaka, SC who I like to call the Bright One from the East.

Bright has the credentials. When he speaks, one has no choice but to listen. He oozes wisdom and intelligence. But Bright has one problem, a problem that can send his rather bright career to an early death.

Bright can be Speaker of Parliament, Bright can be Leader of Opposition, and as Bright as he is, Bright can become State President. Only if he deals with his one problem, Bright coils down and hide when times are tough. He is very much used to comfort zones.

Bright cannot endure suffering. He can even crucify his friends for his peace. Bright is a coward!

I have been inquisitive about why Bright is always conspicuously missing in DPP pressers. I have to be honest; I have exchanged barbs with some party officials because I believed they do not give Bright the platform. I was wrong! Bright is a coward! Bright gives excuses.

The first Presser Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) addressed at PAGE House, am informed Bright was supposed to be one of the speakers. But typical of him, Bright of comfort zones gave an excuse! My daughter has just been posted to a Diplomatic Mission; my presence may compromise her appointment. Just like that, Bright ducked!

Msaka, Mwanamvekha in parliament

The daughter went, another presser came. Bright had his own presser, a “pressing family matter”. Another last minute tactical withdrawal.

Last week the DPP held yet another presser at PAGE Nyambadwe House. Bright was supposed to be among the speakers, yet again Bright had urgent matters to attend to on the day of the presser. That is the character of one Bright candidate, cowardice!

All this makes me reminisce the events of the 2012 after the late Bingu wa Mutharika had just died. Who crucified APM and other gurus? One Bright candidate! He only recoiled upon being arrested as part of the midnight 6 plot. Thankfully, the forgiving APM still appointed him a Cabinet Minister in his government after 2014 elections victory.

This recollection however, now gets me thinking. Is Bright ready to lead? It is an obvious fact that the Tonse Alliance government will arrest any big threat to their government.

Will Bright withstand the Tonse heat? I will leave that to you to judge. As for me, perhaps Shakespeare was right to say “Cowards die many times before their deaths”. May be Bright’s ambition is dead already before it will officially die at the DPP convention.

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