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NPC Launches Ten-Year Strategic Plan

By Mphatso Nkuonera

Lilongwe, Mana: Malawi has the potential to achieve a middle class economy and attain a self-reliance status if everyone joins hands to realize the country’s vision.

Minister of Trade Sosten Gwengwe, who represented the Vice President as guest of honor made these remarks on Tuesday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) during the launch of the first ever strategic plan for the National Planning Commission (NPC).

“Our journey to achieve the middle –income status and become a self-reliant nation require bundling our knowledge and skills together and dedicate ourselves so that we can finally be where we want.

“It is the expectation of government that we shall all give NPC the support it requires so that we reach our desired destination by 2030, as earlier stated by the state president,” he said. 

The minister added that government is committed to partner with any development allies in achieving meaningful development come 2063.

NPC’s Director General Thomas Munthali said the strategic plan is the vehicle that will carry the vision and deliver to the expectation of Malawians as articulated in the document.

The strategic plan will give direction in the next ten years   from 2021 2030

Professor Richard Mkandawire Chairperson for NPC said that the commission will be a potential model to achieve the 2063 goals.

“The strategic plan has been inclusively designed to help the country achieve its development plans and vision, lets join hands to work together so that we celebrate together after achieving our vision.

“To achieve all what we expect plans are there to also make the commission very independent from any political waves so that nothing gets derailed,” he said.

The NPC was established in 2017 by Act of Parliament, with a mission to guide and champion the development of effective policies by ensuring that they are mainstreamed and aligned to the overall medium –term and long term development plan.

During the event all branches of government namely the executive, legislature and the judiciary were represented.

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