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Martha Chizuma is a failed director wasting our time and money


I have some doubts in Martha, reading by her time in her office, I don’t see her as someone willful to deal with corruption decisively.

Herewith my reasons:

1. 130 million kwacha went missing in the account of Mbelwa Council. The money was meant for Constituency Development Fund, the DC and officers responsible accepted the mess- no arrest, no word, no letter from ACB

2. State House invites guests. State House pays for their stay, a citizen, a senior member of MCP who happens to own a company doing business with MCP government pays for the bills of state visitors- Martha sees no need to invite this person, probe further his interest and how can a citizens lose millions to host visitors invited by the state.

3. 6.5 billion Covid money goes missing. ACB remains silent. Citizens push for audit, the report comes out. We know who and who got the money, 7 months down the line, no one is serving jail.

4. 17.5 billion is released for covid. The president and the secretary decides to hide the expenditure report and deny the public the same. ACB, despite having the probing powers, decides to give a blind eye.

5. Mostly importantly, today, Martha is in the papers saying she is failing to do her job because she is having pressure, besides from MCP officials, opposition politicians.

Here i have a problem:

– Inu zowona Grezeda angampatsa pressure yanji ACB Director?

– Inu Mphepo angampatse pressure yanji ACB Director?- Mphanvu zanji zomwe Dausi Ali nazo zompatsa pressure chizuma?

In my world, Chizuma is a failed director wasting our time and money.

Don’t raise your hopes too high for this woman. Ndi thembanso

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