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……Which Merit ?

When Henry Kachaje was appointed the CEO of MERA, the explanation was that he was appointed based on merit after beating other nine candidates.

Then there is the CEO of Admarc who was a previous MCP MP. He was appointed based on merit after beating 12 other candidates.

Daud Suleiman has been appointed the CEO of MACRA. The explanation is that he has been appointed based on merit after beating 6 other candidates.

Koma inu…Why is it that all of a sudden the only intelligent people in Malawi are now only Tonse Alliance members? They are the only ones intelligent enough to beat each and any contestant in any interview!

Malawians have become dull that only Tonse Alliance followers and witnesses are the only ones capable of passing interviews. Why do these people think all Malawians are dull that we can buy this so called merit explanation?

Could it be that these Tonse Alliance followers are given prior answers to pass the interviews?

Only Tonse Alliance followers are passing interviews, have you noted my fellow Malawians? And their appointments is based on merit…which merit ?

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  1. The best candidates who are qualified should be members of Tonse especially MCP and that’s a merit they are talking about….

  2. What sort of merit is implied here? If the truth may be told, those appointed are infact representing MCP, this Tonse Alliance madness is just a smokescreen. I wonder what the leaders and followers of the parties forming the alliance are saying. But word went around before this shameful alliance was agreed and signed. People were warned about the character and habits of MCP but they didn’t want to accept the advice. There you are to day lapping your own vomit. By the end of their experimental period in the next 3 or so years, some human beings will be fed to crocodiles since that is their brand. They are naturally ‘Blood Thirsty’ NTHATA!! That is MCP for you my brothers and sisters.


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