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NYENKHWE! ConCourt Dismisses AG’s Application to Dismiss Presidential Elections Case

The Constitutional Court continues with the checklist of what will be brought to trial in the case where Democratic Progressive Party is calling for the annulment of 2020 fresh presidential elections.

The Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda had asked the ConCourt to dismiss the case following discovery of some discrepancies in signatures.

Documents served to the panel of the five judges showed two pages were signed by Burton Mhango and not Charles Mhango who is the lead counsel for the DPP.

Nyirenda asked the court to dismiss the documents signed by Burton Mhango, describing it as forgery which is criminal.

Charles Mhango argued there wa no criminal charge brought against his brother Burton. He apologized and told the court he had rectified the anomaly.

In his ruling, Judge Sylvester Kalembera said the issue was to be treated as an irregularity. He added the anomaly was not fatal to the proceedings.

The court is expected to resume at 2pm today to continue with the checklist.- ( Kondwani Phiri, Rainbow TV)

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