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BRIAN BANDA FIRED: Lies That He Is Going To China On 4months Scholarship

Outspoken Presidential Press Secretary Brian Banda has been fired for gross misconduct and worsening the PR Crisis for President Chakwera.

Brian Banda conspired with The Nation news reporter to lie that he is going to China on a scholarship.

But State House sources say that Brian Banda is lying because he has actually been fired for gross misconduct and under-performance.

The following are the actual reasons why Brian Banda is fired:

  1. Brian Banda is UTM from Southern Region, and the MCP cadres never wanted him from the beginning. Chakwera has been receiving pressure to fire and replace him with a Chewa from Lilongwe. Chikumbutso Mtumodzi will replace him. Chakwera is removing all UTM elements from the government.
  2. Brian Banda was going about collecting money in the name of Chakwera.
  3. Brian Banda was abusing his powers by giving direct orders to the police. Brian Banda had excessive security around him. He placed armed police in his Area 10 house, his personal house in Nyambadwe in Blantyre and at his mother’s house in Chileka, Blantyre. His mother’s home alone had 6 police officers, with 2 during the day, and 4 at night.
  4. Brian Banda also abused his office by hijacking a Judiciary house that used to be occupied by Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda. Brian Banda joined the State House officers, Chakwera’s family members who occupied Area 10 houses for Cabinet Ministers.
  5. Brian Banda failed to manage Chakwera’s PR crisis.

But Brian Banda is lying that he is going to China on a scholarship. China stopped awarding scholarships due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

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