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Analyzing Kazako’s Statement

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako has released a statement and confirmed British media reports that Chakwera chattered a plane with millions of taxpayers money only to attend an online meeting with his family members. Kazako was under pressure to deny the reports but only ended up confirming everything.

Here is the analysis of Kazako’s statement.

Does Kazako dispute that it is an online conference?


Does Kazako admit that Chakwera’s family has gone with the delegation?


Didn’t the President himself admit on BBC that he went for an online meeting and he is with his family?

—He did.

Is there anything that Kazako has told us that we didn’t know?

—No. Nada. Nothing.

The Times of London has reported correctly that Chakwera travelled all the way to London with his family members to attend a virtual conference when his own Minister of Foreign Affairs is able to attend the Conference online. Kazako does not dispute that Chakwera travelled with 3 family members out of the 10 member delegation.

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