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Oops!Water Crisis at Maula Prison, 200 Inmates Hit By Covid-19

Inside Maula Prison

Maula prison is in a water crisis amid reports that about 200 inmates have been hit by Covid-19.

The situation has reached critical levels prompting Minister of Homeland Security to visit the institution on Tuesday.

Sources say it has been now a week without water at the prison, a situation that has exposed inmates to more dangers of Covid-19.

Issues of sanitation and hygiene have been highly compromised.

Reports say authorities at the institution are failing to settle water bills.

At times, water bousers have been sent to the prison to rescue the situation.

Reports also say the management at the place replaced postpaid water meters with prepaid meters but despite the change, the water situation has not improved.

Two weeks ago prisons spokesperson Chimwemwe Shaba said Maula prison had 63 Covid 19 cases.

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