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Malawi Law Society Shocked with firing of AG Chikosa Silungwe: He was discharging his duties professionally


The Malawi Law Society says it is yet to learn the grounds on which President Lazarus Chakwera has fired Chikosa Silungwe as Attorney General.

On Wednesday, President Chakwera terminated Silungwe’s contract but reasons for terminating his contract have not yet been given.

Confirming the Firing of Silungwe, Gospel Kazako Government spokesperson said the President will soon be appointing new AG that he would like to work with.

But Malawi Law Society, President Patrick Mpaka has expressed shock with the news saying Silungwe has been discharging his duties professionally.

According to Mpaka, the law states that the President can only fire the AG if he is incompetent, compromised and incapacitated.

Mpaka has told MIJ Online that the MLS is waiting to hear the reasons why the President has fired Silungwe.

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  1. Presidential nullification case is the most probable cause. These guys parted ways after chikosa was against the firing of the two mec commissioners who worked without pay until andrew declared them invalid. Don’t be amused this is tonse led by mcp and expect more drama as we are closing to 2025. Our northern neighbour has already started crack down on decent to weaken the already fragile opposition. This is africa where the true democrats in the class of apm are very very rare.


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