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Off the Wall of Focus Maganga: On the Firing of AG Chikosa Silungwe

Apule Rev Lazarus Chakwera then as the leader of opposition during Professor Peter Mutharika’s presidency used his sweet English to boldly speak against nepotism and tribalism in government.

His prowess in colonial language coupled with the reverend title brought salt and salad to his claims. He, unsurprisingly, stood on a platform of integrity and clean politics to maneuver his way to the top.

No wonder his victory in the 2020 presidential elections spelt the era of economic prosperity and political sanity. He was to be a servant of Malawians doing as Malawians please. What a great president. He was God’s answer to the prayer-Malawi is not cursed after all.

Within months, he couldn’t pretend any longer. His Reverend title is used no more. He chose what both the local and international media branded a family cabinet that featured a man and his wife, brother and sisters and other relations.

He would later lie that they were given five months contract to show Malawians dispensation of prosperity has settled down.

Today what matters the very most to him is exactly opposite what he stood for when he was the leader opposition. Nepotism and tribalism are being given a new name in his series of motivational speeches.

He is now a sweet dad prioritizing his daughter and her future— and asking the other youths to think innovatively to realize his promised one million jobs.

Yesterday, he fired the Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe for sticking to his ground on rule of law. Chakwera promised it, yes. But rule of law has a new definition after all.

The axed attorney general, Silungwe, is the same guy who refused to mention any god during the swearing in ceremony.

Surprisingly, he has ended up being the only one who meant his every word when he promised to respect and protect the laws of this land. It does offer genuine questions on whether being religious matters after all.

The axed AG will go down as the greatest attorney general who refused to kiss any ass. He wasn’t bothered by what the master wanted to hear. Doing the right thing might surely get you fired, it depends on the principal.

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