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MALAWI IS BROKEN as Zameer Karim, Batatawala, Gani Keep on milking…


Malawi is broken. Too broken to be fixed by the crop of self-serving, duplicitous, two-timing, double-dipping, thieving and corrupt people we have in power right now. In many ways, we are no better today than we were when the DPP was in power. We changed the forest, yes, but the monkeys are the same.

It’s not even about the DPP system being intact. It’s about those in power today being happy to inherit and operate a system that enables them to self-enrich beyond the dreams of avarice at the expense of the poor people of this country.

They have no interest to dismantle the cartels because they now eat with the cartels.

Zameer Karim will make his billions. Batatawala will milk wherever he can.

Gani will get huge Central Medical Stores deals.Where there was Mulli, another crop of brothers has emerged and taken their place.

Hand-clappers will defend any and everything because the thieving and mismanagement is now being done by those people we like and supported.

Truth is; the people’s revolution was hijacked by smooth talking snake oil salesman.

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