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SKC Talks Peace, Pleads For Unity

Vice President Saulos Chilima on Tuesday made an emotional call for peace, co-existence and unity among Tonse Alliance politicians and supporters stressing that toxic politics will only make Malawi poorer.

Chilima Calls for Unity

 “In Malawi there is one President. Full stop. There is only one Vice President; that is me. Let us work together to develop our country.

You members of Tonse Alliance should help us develop the country. We can’t be talking politics everytime,” said Chilima at his home area of Nsipe in Ntcheu where he received a new police post donated by the Chinese government.

“As Tonse Alliance politicians, show a good example to our followers. Teach them unity. Let us all work together.

 If the President comes here, let us all go there. If the former President Joyce Banda comes here, go there in large numbers. That is the spirit of Tonse Alliance,” added Chilima.

The Vice President went on to preach peace as the audience remained silent, it was cathedral silence that you could hear a pin drop.

“My concern is that we are behind on development and we cannot be politicking every day. Let us go to work and help our people,” he said.

The police post is a magnificent structure prompting the Chinese Ambassador to call for aggressive efforts to make the police station a model in Malawi.

“This is a beautiful day and I truly thank the Chinese Ambassador for donating this police post to the government. This is a timely donation. Security is a precursor for national development,” said Chilima.

Chinese ambassador handing over the keys to Chilima

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  1. its interesting to see the guys who were in the forefront demonstrating violently and baying for the blood of those who didn’t vote for them in 2019, now preaching for peace. their conduct has already divided us. is talking of peace while in military gear making any sense? i doubt it. the other camp of tonse is busy strategising: equiping its youth with tough military training, arresting all dpp deemed bosses in cooked up charges to replace them with their own, bull dosing the independent justice organisations, etc. we are of course behind in terms of development but, he’s already seen it himself that ~3m malawians don’t like development. they go for the development destroyers who dug roads, pelted and burnt infrastructure. development and peace were burried in 2019. its a country with no clear vision. lets just sit down and continue living with our narrowed minds. we are good at praising leaders from other countries who coppied their financial prudence from our own great leaders. we blindly judge ourselves which is total insane.


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