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Tonse to Construct Mausoleum For ‘Simbi Ya Moto’ Chakufwa Chihana

By Ireen Mseteka

Chakwera ready to lay a wreath-pic by Gracian Jeke-Mana

Mzuzu, May 11, Mana: President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s Tonse Alliance administration  has promised to construct a mausoleum for late Chakufwa Chihana in Mzuzu.

President Chakwera made the promise Monday when he paid his respect to Chihana at his cemetery in Mzuzu City as one way of honoring him. 

He said: “I am therefore honored to announce that my administration is fully committed to honoring this man with the construction of a mausoleum at this place.”

Chakwera said Chihana deserves to be honored because he fought for the freedom of this country which is being enjoyed by all Malawians.

He noted that the democracy of the new MCP would not have begun without the work of Chakufwa Chihana.

“To put it into perspective, just as it is true that the autocracy of MCP would not have ended without the work of Chakufwa Chihana, it is also true that democracy of the new MCP I am leading now would not have begun without the work of Chakufwa Chihana,” said the President.

Dr. Chakwera said his visit was not only to pay his respect but to express his gratitude on behalf of Malawians since the freedom being enjoyed today was paid for by giants like Chihana.

He added that with guidance from traditional leaders, his administration is committed to constructing mausoleums to other heroes citing the late Orton Chirwa, a co-founder of Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Enock Chihana and wife laying wreaths, pic by Gracian Jeke – Mana

In his remarks, Enock Chihana, son to Chakufwa, applauded Chakwela for being the first President to visit his fathers graveyard with a commitment to construct the mausoleum.

“Fifteen years have passed since Mr. Chihana was laid to rest, we used condolence money to construct the wire fence which is here, various administrations promised to construct the mausoleum but after campaign they no longer talk of the issue,” he said.

Enock who is Aford President said Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda fought for the freedom of this country and that Chakufwa brought multiparty which is being enjoyed by all Malawians in the country. He assured Chakwera that Aford will continue rendering support to his administration.

Thom Chakufwa Chihana who was once second Vice President of Malawi died on June 12, 2006 in South Africa.

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