Kamuzu Family quizzes Chakwera on Kandodo: Political Analyst Chunga faults Laz on Kandodo

President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has come under fire for his lack of decisive leadership in managing the affairs of the State.

Political analyst Dr Joseph Chunga of Chancellor College in Zomba has faulted the President for making costly decisions without verification.

On April 18, President Chakwera dropped Ken Kandodo from Cabinet after audit report indicated that he benefited from COVID-19 funds plunder which his Principal Secretary cleared him when he appeared before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee Chakwera fired kandodo though his ministry paid pack the money to the COVID-19 Committee.

“Even though the Minister has since returned the money, his usage of the money means the money was unavailable for it’s intended purpose when it needed most. And I can not have someone in my cabinet who uses the money budget for one thing for something else or do not ask tough questions to ensure that the money they are spending on something was budgeted for that purpose” said Chakwera in his address to the nation after he received pressure from people to make a statement on the audit report.

But the President has contradicted himself when he addressed people in Kasungu on his way to Mzuzu.

Chakwera conceded that he fired kandodo based on hearsay wrong intelligence he got from advisors within the government machinery. Joseph Chunga, a political analyst from Chancellor College in Zomba has faulted the president for his decision.

“The President may be faulted on why he went ahead to make a decision in the first place before finding out from all relevant officials. The reasoning was illogical considering the functionality of ministries where technocrats are involved unless the Minister himself gave the instruction on the funds” said Chunga.

However, inside reports within MCP indicate that President Chakwera has received pressure from Kamuzu Family on firing of Kandodo based on malicious reports from his enemies in the MCP and that he must reinstate him otherwise the family won’t support his government.

Ken Kandodo is the main player in the Kamuzu family and he is the one who controls even Media Empire of Times Group.

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