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Lazarus Chakwera Under Fire For Defying COVID-19 Restrictions

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera is facing backlash from Malawians for being hypocritical over Covid-19 measures following his Friday’s enroute rallies to Mzuzu.

Malawians have faulted President Chakwera for holding rallies where thousands gathered, breaching the 250-people gathering limit set by the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19.

On his way to the Northern Region yesterday, the president addressed thousands of supporters at Lumbadzi, Mponela and Madisi Trading Centres in Dowa and Kasungu.

Thousands of people also gathered in Mzuzu to welcome Chakwera and most of them were not wearing masks and there was no social distancing.

Aggrey Inussa Naliwah says “Ndi ma preventing measures mwawasiya kut anthu inu? Kodi kundaleku ndie kulibe covid19?? Muzikhala ngat mumapemphela please, zisamakomele kumbal yanu chfukwa ndiinu olamula mwava

Mughogho Joseph adds, “Social Distance zero pa ten”

Janet Kalande says the President should have been leading by example by doing things that help to fight the pandemic.

“Malawi is a sad country. How can a leader allow thousands of people to gather like that? I didn’t expect that to happen when we really need more civic education,” he said.

Hundreds Of MCP supporters Attending Chakwera Rally

Mathias Juma chipped in, “Let me ask the President to declare this country free Covid-19. This is not on, how can the Government bar people from watching football while politicians are breaching prevention measures,” he said.

Malawi has recorded a total of 34,158 cases, including eight new cases registered on May 7, 2021 and the country has 727 active cases.

On Friday, the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 advised Malawians to continue observing prevention measured such as wearing masks and observing social distance.

The recent By-elections, political parties were seen holding huge rallies but very hard churches, soccer gathering.

Chakwera administration is slowly loosing Malawians trust over unpopular decisions contrary to peoples expectations including taxes on basic needs; water, cooking oil, electricity, soap, fuel and among others.

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