Chakwera Must Stop Construction of Kamuzu “Insult” Pool Project Forthwith

Analysis by James Dube

The people of Neno district have been crying all these years for a few kilometers road but no attention has been given to them by government. Neno people also pay taxes as any Malawian in this country including those who have already “stole” the top up money from this swimming “insult” pool. Mr President, this swimming pool has to stop. It’s defeats the whole purpose of helping the poor a servant leader as you used to claim during campaign time. This swimming pool has four major problems that you need to answer first Mr President.

1.Why awarding the construction of such project to foreigners when our own Malawians can do the similar job? To whose benefit are you doing this? So jobs are still being exported under your administration and you stand on a podium that you have come as a Messiah to change things?

2.. The price is an inflated one. Normally the swimming pool is costing around K1 billion as a maximum and that is the international standards depending on the strength of your currency. So why and where do you get the extra K8 billion ? To whose interest are you doing this? Is this not transactional leadership Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera?

3.With COVID-19 pandemic continue to threatening our businesses and lives, why do you to support such kind of projects at juncture where the country is in deep waters in terms of finance? If Malawi fails to host tje Olympics games, what shall we really lose as nation as we continue to fix the economy that has been destroyed by COVID-19 and corruption? Are we ready to defeat the third wave of COVID-19?

4. As we are talking now, some schools have no desks even a toilet. Chanco is opening classes soon and some students have no money to pay school fees. When they hear this, what do you think of your leadership? Do you know that since you came to power, not even a 10km road has been constructed by your MCP government apart from “kusolola”? Mr President, these are things that you have to show us that you came to change in this country and not milk the nation through stupid projects where beneficiaries are your cronies while the 85% of us are ‘enjoying’ abject poverty.

From this 9billion kwacha, Malawi can build many schools and the change from this can go to paying our elderly in our society. From the same amount, using our shire river given by God, Malawi can start irrigation and winter cropping and this country can eliminate hunger once and for all but you and your inner circle have decided to connive to dupe Malawians their hard earned taxes. Sir don’t test our anger. Think about the people of Neno that they are also your people.

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