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VP Chilima Forms Taskforce To Review Govt Systems Of Allowances, Procurement And Employment Contracts

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  1. As usual politics has played a major role. The list has been dominated by people from 1 region. So what term is it going to be used to name it? Tribalism/nepotism/… may be merit? Does it mean other regions have very dull people? This is nyasaland where every1 is fighting for the 50%+1. Yes, the northern region dominated court munaitha.

  2. in unprecedented turn of events our youthful politician seems to be stuck and dared the blame game which has been clavery thrown on him to battle it out. he was clavery tasked to appoint a taskforce but what has been seen is the same old story and if not nepotistic nor tribalistic may be merit could be used as a scapegoat because of heavy titles attached to the third bunch of the names. one wonders why the list is tantalised by the same vocal rants who masqualade as social media trivia political fire breathers. is this the vp’s claverness to hold back the burning rants? another surprise is the appearance of the name similar to the concourt judge related to his spouse. it seems this guy is really canning. do you see his claveriness in crawling back to edge who previously turned down a reward from the spoils of concourt battle? its really true that all politicians go to the same school because they play the same style with the exception of the 2 guys. some quarters are really benefitting tremendously from the 50%+1 because every one favours them to be on top of this new political game. by the way a malawi voice why not tellling us about the arrested presiding officers for 2019 polls in LL. tell us please.


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