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South Africa Authorise Three Rape Warrants Against Bushiri

JOHANNESBURG – Three arrest warrants for rape have been authorised against Shepard Bushiri, eNCA reports.

Bushiri and his wife, Mary, left South Africa after being granted bail.

They were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges.

The couple were arrested by Malawian authorities but were later released.

Meanwhile, the justice department in South Africa says it plans to serve an extradition letter on Malawi within the next two weeks.

Recently a South African pressure group ‘Speak The Truth’ organised a protest march dubbed “March Against False Prophet”

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio one of the organisers Martins Antonio said the march was against false prophets who were wrecking havoc in the body of Christ, the church and breaking marriages and relationships.

“We gathered together in support of victims of sexual assault and harassment happening in some of these prophet led churches, a lot has been happening in these churches a lot of victims have been threatened and silenced but we thank God for those who are now standing up to say enough is enough this must now be exposed and stopped.”

The procession marched to the Human Rights Commission where they presented a memorandum to Commissioner of S.A Human Rights Commission.

“We’ve been silent too long. A lot of people have kept this inside us for years and years.”

Sexual abuse is very damaging not only physically it also has serious mental and spiritual effects on these women. Many of our young daughters are broken and trapped in these dangerous situations where their spiritual leader becomes abuser and they are told it the will of God. They have nowhere to run and this is very scary.

“We are now calling all sensible individuals to action. Indeed, inaction in this case is as bad as the crime of rape itself. I call upon all women, all you young ladies out there to speak out: If you know of a women who has been sexually harassed or assaulted by a Church leader write ‘#TouchMeNot’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

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