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Be Professional, Police Officers Told

By Daniel Namwini

Lilongwe, September 10, Mana: Police Officers in the country have been urged to uphold their professional and ethical standards when carrying out their duties.

Commissioner Yolamu, show gazetted code of conduct manual book to officers

Central Region Commissioner of Police responsible for Central West Region, Merlyne Yolamu made the remarks on Wednesday in Lilongwe during a-day-long customer care training under the theme “Soul Searching”.

“Our duty is to protect civilians and make sure that there is peace and order in the country. So we must act in accordance with these principles,” she said.

Yolamu warned that any Police Officer involved in malpractice such as corruption, criminal activities among others will be dealt with and there would be no protection from the Police.

The Commissioner appealed to Officers to avoid engaging in various crimes and check on their alcohol consumption that tarnish their images and the Malawi Police Service.

She hinted at the Officers from all the Departments of Police against soliciting bribes from members of the community.

Yolamu urged the officers to be determined and disciplined in the execution of their duties.

“As Police Officers, you need to be disciplined, dedicated and determined. These attributes are what are required for you to execute well the duties of your position in eradicating crime.

“You should also never engage in soliciting favors from members of the public as this will destroy your reputation as police officers,” she said.

On behalf of the participants, Sub-Inspector, Michael Gondwe for Kanengo Police Station promised to uphold their professional and ethical standards when carrying out their duties.

“The training will help us to refrain from corruption practices and other malpractices that destroy our reputations,” he promised.

Gondwe added that they would refrain from Gender Based Violence (GBV) in their families and drunkenness so that they can re-build confidence and trust that the public fade in them.

The Customer Care Training will targeting Police Station in the region such as Kanengo, Kawale, Lilongwe, Nathenje and Lumbadzi just to mention a few.

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