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PUMA Goes Electronic In Fuel Purchase

By Glory Msowoya, MANA

Minister of Energy, Newton Kambala, has appealed to companies in the country to be innovative and vibrant saying these have potential to complement governments effort in creating jobs.

Lanjesi: PUMA will help in job creation

The minister made the remarks when PUMA Energy Malawi launched mobile application dubbed E-Puma portal on Wednesday at Sunbird Mount Soche in Blantyre where the fuel company say it intends to empower customers to order fuel online.

Kambala believes that if companies in the country are innovative enough the economy can generate more jobs opportunities through business growth.

“Am very delighted to see this kind of innovation where people will be able to do transactions while seated in their homes or offices and am sure people will be able to do their transactions while travelling in their cars considering we need to observe social distance among ourselves due to Covid- 19,” the minister said while describing the introduction of E-Puma portal as a timely intervention.

He, therefore, urged companies in the country to create more favorable business conditions which will complement to the government drive to create one million jobs.

“I believe this will be complimentary to government plans of creating one million jobs in a space of 12 moths,” Kambala said.

PUMA Energy Malawi Managing Director, Dr. Davis Lanjesi said the company is determined to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness and create solutions in the digital world.

“Puma Energy continues coming up with innovative solutions in the industry as we have come up with this application which will enable customers to download in their smart phones and access our dynamic range of services including making payments.” Lanjesi added.

PUMA Energy Malawi assured customers that the new application is convenient and cost-effective means of transaction.

“The exciting thing about this application is that customers can make use of it without any mobile data charges attached and we have done such an arrangement having appreciated the cost of data in the country.” PUMA Energy Malawi Managing Director said.

Lanjesi assured that with the introduction of E-portal no one will lose job but will rather boost the business and more job opportunities will be created for Malawians.

“The E-portal should not bring any fear that some people are going to lose their jobs. Yes when you improve on technology like what PUMA has done, some people would think that other workers will lose their jobs, but no, the innovation will help PUMA to have good business environment,” he said.

PUMA Energy Malawi has plans to build more filling stations across the country in which one site will create 30 to 50 jobs.

Dr. Lanjesi said this should excite Malawians as PUMA Energy Malawi has more job opportunities to offer.

PUMA Energy Malawi is the first company in Africa to have E-portal and is among 4 countries that have introduced the E-portal in their operations worldwide.

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