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G-temisia-1 (GT-1) Anti COVID-19 Herbal Powder Finally In Malawi: A Blend Balanced In Nature

POWERFUL HERBAL: A model showcasing G-temisia-1 (GT-1) bottle

G-temisia-1 (GT-1) is a modified anti-COVID19 remedy which has been used in Madagascar, Tanzania and many other African communities. Because of its scarcity and price tag, the formula has mostly been used among Asian and Chinese communities of Malawi. But the good news is that those challenges have now been resolved through various interventions and GT-1 is now here to be more accessible countrywide.

‘Origin of G-temisia 1’

Through testimonies and recommendations from patients, contacts, people under high COVID-19 risk and clinicians (directly taking care of COVID-19 clients in isolation centers in many countries), an idea of coming up with first line COVID-19 herbal prophylaxis and remedy was conceived – and it is called G-temisia-1 Herbal Powder or GT-1.

‘GT-1’s therapeutic wonders’

GT-1 provides home-based prophylaxis and first line herbal remedy for COVID-19 patients, contacts and those under or suspecting any risk of COVID-19. It has both preventive and remedial properties based on its high concentration of Artemisia, multivitamins (including C and K), phenolic and polyphenolic compounds, cineol (Eucalyptol); and it has low pH.

These active ingredients make GT-1 one of the best managements for pain (analgesic effect), fever (antipyretic effect), inflammation (anti-inflammatory effect) and provides hostile environment for multiplication of SARS-CoV2, a virus that causes COVID-19. It also boosts immune system which is relevant in fighting against SARS CoV-2 facilitating curing of COVID-19.

Apart from its antiviral properties it also has antifungal and antibacterial properties and is a key formula as the country is about to go back to normal business e.g. reopening of schools and other essential services.

‘Who needs GT-1?’

Since there is now community spread of COVID-19, the target population is all Malawians except those who are allergic to one or more of the ingredients of this remedy.

‘Signs to look out for’

A model showcasing the bottle of the herb

G-temisia-1 offers syndromic treatment or relief and prophylaxis (preventive treatment) of COVID-19. It is also useful in dealing with all sorts of flu, fever, coughs, general body pains and headache. If you are traveling; having a suspicious cough and if you feel you are exposed (after a crowdy area, funeral, church, school), GT-1 is the handy remedy to use.

GT-1 comes in form of a powder and it is used by diluting recommended measure in hot water. If taking it for prevention, 250mls of the prepared GT-1 can be taken once a day; and if one has symptoms 250mls is taken three times a day; but one can go as much as four times a day if symptoms are severe.

As of now, the drug is available in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre and the stock is expected to reach many districts in a few weeks at a minimum wholesale price of MK2700 to MK3000 per 70 mg bottle.

G-temisia 1 is distributed by Cardinalz Group, and the suppliers can be reached through email and on 0997167023 or 0

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