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Sports Minister Msungama Says ‘I Personally Dislike Walter’

Minister of Youth and Sports Ulemu Msungama on Thursday openly criticized Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Dr. Walter Nyamilandu Manda over his involvement in partisan politics.

The outspoken Msungama made the criticism at FAM headquarters, Mpira Village in Blantyre in full view of FAM delegates which was led by the President Dr. Nyamilandu Manda.

Msungama, who for the past days has been accusing Nyamilandu of sponsoring Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), said he personally hate Nyamilandu’s behaviour.

“I am not against this association, but am against the behaviour of the president. It is not right, and I must repeat, it is not right,” said Msungama

In an interview recently, Nyamilandu said: “I am a professional and not a politician. I don’t hold any political position in any party and neither have I rendered support to any political party,”

The FAM boss Nyamilandu also asked the sports Minister not to judge him based on social media propaganda.

Legal and Sports analyst, David Kanyenda has since warned the Minister Msungama against dragging politics into football.

He said FIFA might impose a ban if government continues to interfere with FAM operations.  

“I would like to request the Minister to note the many examples worldwide where direct Government intervention has resulted in restrictions being placed on a National Association.

Due to football’s local popularity, it is safe to conclude that any suspension from international football competitions may not be well received by the public,” said Kanyenda via facebook.

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  1. This guy’s courage is amazing. So, what is he going to do? If politics have powers in everything just fire him. I wonder if this post is an appointee by the head of state? We are in a democracy not in zonse zimene nza…..zonse, zonse zimene nza…… Why not learning from the prof of democracy who never victimized anyone on political grounds. Gwalidi’s brother at mbc was never sacked, mtira at mbc was never sacked, etc. There is need for coexistence despite others enjoy their freedom of choice. The politics of intimidation, abductions, corporal punishment, etc has no room in a modern day state. Is it a crime now that the guy has visited nyamirandu and farm officials? Does it mean the opposition should start treating farm and walter suspeciously? We are in a democracy please, stop mess up things.


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