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“The President was Elected to do a Job, not act as our Priest”


I said this on April 2, 2020 and I repeat it today:
Prayers are not a plan, nor is fasting a strategy. The president was elected to do a job, not act as our priest.

We are faced with a public health crisis in the form of a virus, not some unknown evil spirit.

What will make a difference in the lives of Malawians and reassure the people is robust ACTION by their president, led by science and experts in the field.

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  1. Kodi iwe Idriss,
    Chakwera ndi mkhrisitu. He is a christian first before he is a president. Ask him, akumasula uwona. So do yourself a favor and shush already! We serve a good good Father who today has given us a God fearing man. More fire Chakwera, we intercessors are extremely happy and are praying for you. You shall not fail but you shall succeed if you will continue to put your God first. Hallelujah to Jesus Himself! The darling of Heaven who was crucified for you and me Nassau. Glory to God!

  2. Add your comment If robust action, science and exepertism were the answer, America and those advanced countries would not have fallen victims of the pandemic. Spiritual matters are understood by spiritual minds. Mungazipatse nokha ulemu kukhala chete in this. Silence in matters you’re not conversant with is eloquent. It is sad that a man of your caliber could write such.

  3. If you want to show your writing skills to the world then you better think of poems…write poems about gender or of entertainment sort of. Coz it seems you do not know what you are writing about….feeding the world your unsavoury writings. You talk of science as if you know science….Science on its own doesn’t work without God’s intervention to give you the thinking capacity my friend. Nzeru zimachoka kwa Mulungu. Ba dikirani ndende ma cadet inu…


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