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By Cidrick Ngalande

There is a disturbing trend among governing Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters on the social media. They threaten, curse and abuse anybody who wants to discuss their policies or scrutinize their leaders.

This fear of alternative points of view betrays a sense of lack of confidence in their leader and policies. It is reminiscent of what the same MCP did from 1964 – 1994 when they fed to crocodiles anybody who dared question or debate policies of their party or leader.

Let it be known that this primitive behavior will not deter Malawians from shaping their own future. A lot of strange things have happened in the past 2 weeks and people have a right to ask questions.

For instance:

1. While people know and accept that all criminals must face the law, it is a fact that in democratic culture crimes takes time to investigate. Why is it that there has been a spate of arrests in the past 2 weeks?

Have these cases been properly investigated? When did they start investigating them? Is it a coincidence that all such investigations happened to complete in the past 2 weeks?

2. Why is the minister of sports being involved in FAM/FIFA issues? Does FAM/FIFA not have an executive committee that can deal with these issues if at all the chair is politicizing the body?

Is the minister aware of how FIFA has in the past dealt with countries where politicians have interfered with football business?

3. While we are all enjoying this new anti-corruption dispensation, is it also not an appropriate time for the new president to finally tell the country where he got the money to build a billion Kwacha mansion?

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  1. There’s no excuses for criminals they’ve to face law. Justice delayed is justice denied Malawians has been denied justice high time if they’re innocent will prove themselves in court let’s change this mindset of yours Malawi now can’t afford to tolerate pple like you. Even this new administration if they mess up will need them to face same law.

  2. Tears of a cadet-cum journalist. Bingu once said: “Zisiyeni ntchito za manja anga zindichitire umboni”. What is happening today is ntchito zawo zokuba ndarama ndi katundu wa boma zikuwatsata and kuwachitira umboni. You mean FAM President kuvala zachipani is not politically compromised. You as a cadet was cheated and fooled to believe that DPP would rule Malawi forever. Mind you, enawo milandu yao inalipo koma boma linkawatchinjiriza lero zafika poti: “everybody for himself”. Sorry cadet


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