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Open Letter to Madame First Lady Monica Chakwera: ‘You Are Not A Co-President’

Dear Mama Monica,

Congratulations on the resounding victory of your husband in the recently concluded presidential election. Before Politics, very little was known about you, and only those close to your family by relationship or proximity or the members of the Assemblies of God family knew you.

When Politics unveiled you to us, many fell in love with your person and your simplicity.
People are expecting so much from your husband and our President-elect, and failure, is not an option.

You need to understand that when your husband takes the reins of office of the president of Malawi, You are his wife and the mother of all Malawians. You are not a Co-President.

You have the title of the First Lady, do not operate a different government from the president like we have seen in with the others. Do not have a crest and budget for your office.

The office of the First Lady is not a creation of the Constitution, so do not seek to run a parallel government. Do not become a collector of rear Diamonds, Pearls and Gold.

It is through these things that “economic vultures and vampires ” capture the hearts and minds of First Ladies. Collect the love and affection of the people and identify with them.

Do not be outlandish in your outfits and trend in our social media with sorts of names… let your dresses reflect the reality of the times and occasions.

As the wife of the president and the closest person to him, always remind him of the promises he made to Malawians to tackle and fight corruption, remind him of their plights and sufferings, and the need to constantly improve their lots and lessen their burdens.

 Let the welfare of the people and not comfort of the elites, be his primary concern. Remind him about the sacrifices made by the people against all odds to elect him as our President and leader. Let this be the first thing he hears in the morning and the last in the night.

Mama Monica; you know those people I personally call AGIP-Any Government In Power? Keep them away from our president. They support every government or person in power and they owe their wealth and fortunes to access to the government and the holders of power. They are already flocking to your husband and Our president.

 Keep an eye on them. They were friends to Kamuzu, Muluzi, Bingu, JB and APM.. and they will do all things and everything to be close to your husband. They are soldiers of fortunes and fair weather friends.

Keep your eyes on them and always alert your husband to the danger they represent. Do not interfere with the running of the government or the governing party.

Don’t invite Ministers to brief you on the opportunities in their ministries and departments… Be focused on helping your husband, and our president. Do not see the election of your husband as an opportunity to be rich, see it as an avenue to enrich the people of Malawi.

Do not mar your husband’s reputation for honesty and frugality with unbridled desire for material acquisition and display. For years, you were satisfied with what God have given you and I plead with you to do the same. Do not be carried away by abundance, remain who you are.

It is my prayer and wish that this letter gets to you or someone close will see it and bring it to your attention. God bless Malawi.

Yours Faithfully,

Khama Chowa

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  1. Good advice, wish you had share this with Gertrude Munthalika perhaps we could not have had BM ripping off Malawians in broad day light on our watch………..

  2. Wishing you all the best ,,,,,,,,,,I hope you will be the massive to to empower your fellow Malawian women

    may the good lord father in heaven bless u with full life and wisdom.


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