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UNHCR Opens Dzaleka Quarantine, Isolation Centre for Covid-19

By Tiyamike Masankhula                                    

Dowa, June 17, Mana: After a confirmation of three Covid-19 cases in Dowa, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has officially opened a Covid-19 quarantine and isolation centre at Dzaleka Refugee camp, a facility that can carry up to 52 people.

PS Kanjewe officially opening the centre

Representative for UNHCR, Fatima Mohammade Cole said that the centre has been set up through collaboration of the United Nations (UN), Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government to help all people in Dowa.

“There has been tremendous collaboration from all ends between the UN, NGOs and the Government and Ministry of Health to finish the project.

Apart from this, every new arrivals in the area is being tested for Covid-19 and are being isolated for 14 days based on the measures and procedures put in place,” she explained.

Secretary for Homeland Security, Harry Kanjewe said that government has put some measures and different guidelines for whoever is coming into the country to take the measures seriously.

He pointed out that the facility has been set up to serve all the people of Dowa and that the fact that the site was within Dzaleka refugee camp was to show that the government would continue to protect its people and also promote positive co-existence amongst all in the country.

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