Chiefs Urged To Focus On Development

By Samuel Phiri

Kasungu, June 18, Mana: Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Grezelder Jeffrey has urged Chiefs in Kasungu to focus on development matters and avoid political violence.

She made the remarks Tuesday during the installation of Traditional Authority (TA) Chulu in the district.

Jeffrey stressed the need for Chiefs to work hand in hand with government because that was where development projects come from, therefore they should refrain from all fraud and corrupt activities that may slow down the development of the country.

“Government always work with Chiefs in all developmental projects therefore it’s the duty and responsibility of each and every Malawian especially the Chief to be in the fore front in fighting against corruption and political violence so that we should have a better Malawi,” she pointed out.

The Deputy Minister added that the government was working tirelessly to make sure that the well-being of all Malawians as well Chiefs is being taken care of.

“The government has reduced the price of farm inputs like fertilizer to make sure that every Malawian is able to buy and achieve food security as a country. Not only that it has introduced a programme where all Chiefs will be put on MASM schemes making sure that chiefs have good health,” Jeffrey explained.

The newly appointed Chief, Esther Kalasa, expressed her gratitude to the government for considering the community of Chulu saying that in the past the area was lugging behind in developmental activities and now the community has been revived.

“We are happy that the title of TA Chulu has been reinstalled and that we will work with the government in whatever development project the government may bring to us.

The position has been vacant for so long because of some other problems, as a result almost every sector in our community was affected,” she said.

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