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Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda’s Integrity Questionable

Leaked letter of complaint to Judicial Service Commission details how retired Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda and Edward Twea broke up the marriage of a lawyer by sleeping with his wife


In the letter, lawyer Gracian Zibelu Banda complains that Justice Nyirenda and Justice Twea of the Supreme Court of Appeal committed adultery with his wife Rachel Zibelu Banda.

Leaked Letter

That time, Gracian Zibelu Banda was appearing before Nyirenda and Twea with a case on behalf of his firm, Banda, Banda & Company.

He complained that their conduct was in conflict of interest in relation to the matter he was handling, compromised their objectivity, jeorpadized his practice and the welfare of the clients he serves

Inappropriate relationships

Gracian Zibelu Banda started hearing rumours of Justice Nyirenda and Twea having adulterous relationships with his wife at workshops.

Their behaviour dismayed professional colleagues and judicial officers. The wife confirmed the liaisons.

At one time, Nyirenda and Twea picked a quarrel at Ku Chawe Inn over the wife because both of them had a relationship with her.

At the time of writing this letter, Gracian Zibelu Banda has initiated divorce proceedings after discovering more night outs between the wife and the two justices.

Nyirenda and Twea were spending nights with the wife at the wife’s three-room guest house in Naperi, Blantyre.

Conflict of Interest and Abuse of Office

Nyirenda and Twea laughed off Gracian Zibelu Banda when his wife revealed to them that he was filing for divorce proceedings.

Nyirenda and Twea told him that they had already advised magistrates to give a bad judgement to his petition.

Nyirenda and Twea advised the wife to obtain an injunction to stop the petition for fear that it would embarrass them.

Gracian Zibelu Banda argued that Nyirenda and Twea were expected to show high standards of judicial ethics and avoid placing themselves in conflict of interest situations.

At that time, Gracian Zibelu Banda was awaiting two judgements from Nyirenda and he feared that his adulterous adventures with the wife and the divorce proceedings would influence the judgement

That Nyirenda and Twea could engage in adulterous relationship with the wife of a legal practitioner who appears before them was a complete disregard of judicial decorum.

Besides holding high public offices and going out with his wife, Nyirenda and Twea had wives.


Gracian Zibelu Banda requested the Judicial Service Commission to be investigated for judicial misconduct for having an affair with the wife of a lawyer who was appearing before them.

*Title of Letter:* Complaint of Judicial Misconduct Against Justice Nyirenda and Justice Twea

*Date of Letter:* 4 October 2011

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  1. And why is this story coming out now? Is it about the failed forced leave that the executive wanted to impose on those two justices?

    DPP should just accept kuti zakuvutani, zisankho zikubwelazi siziyenda…..but if DPP continues to abuse the law in order to hang on to power the problem is that the party’s reputation will be completely damaged to the point that it will never be possible for DPP to come back into power ever again.

  2. kulila kulila peter mayo mayo ine kalanga ine ndikanaziwa sindikanabwela ku malawi anthu ndi oziwa malamulo zandivutad ndi yenela kupeleka ulamulilo kwa chakwela bas

  3. Great and honesty men don’t believe in revealing rubbish done by honourable people. But, there are times when they are forced to break the silence if that honourable person continues with his/her rubbish inorder for the people to scrutinise the intergrity of that person or rather to see if that person is really normal or insane and worthy carrying the big task assigned to that person. No matter how long it can take, if the behaviour of the honourable men is questionable, the scandles they made even twenty years back can resurface to judge their honesty. This is so because the wise who think like men and believe that to human is an error always give the second chance because that committed error could be any mistake anyone can make. However, if that person continues misbehaving then their burried first mistake is brought out to act as the yard stick to question their morals. Its up to people to judge them wrong or defend their infidelity and behaviour. As you can see some of these guys are used to trouble making hence not worthy to be in high office that needs impartiality for sound judgement. There is also an element of corruption in their blood. Is this what we want our judges to be? This is why the integrity of their judgements is questionable, especially on the way they interpretated the constitution. Remember apm and ansah were part of the framers of that very constitution and they pretty sure know why and what that law states. This is not different from what our LORD was crucified for. The same laws he was present when they were made were the ones they condemned him for.


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