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Thank You Dr. Jane Ansah…Welcome On Board Dr. Chifundo Kachale

Kachale: Newly appointed MEC Chair

Now, a word to the judiciary and the opposition. A new commission has been appointed headed by another judge. Whatever issues, personal or political you might have with them, cut them some slack. These are Malawians like all of us serving their country in this role. They need us to give them the room and the latitude to do their job.

The way we treated the previous commission is bad. Starting from Mtambo, Chilima, Chakwera and the hi5 judges, you all need to repent. These are fellow Malawians, you all are not more worthy than them.

The worse was when the hi5 judges, sent Dr Jane Ansah, a Supreme Court judge before PAC to go through that drama. By that act, the judiciary disrespected itself and us all who are supposed to respect the judiciary.

With that, we say, thank you to Dr Jane Ansah and team for the good work and the resilience in principles you have shown. Like the president said, you did your job well and thank you for not bending to mediocrity.

To the new commission, congratulations and all the best. The last thing that you want to do is think that you are right by dancing to the tune of the opposition. Do as you are mandated by the constitution and professionalism. We will be praying for you. (By Jack Banda)

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  1. There is literally nothing to thank Jane for. This is the woman who with Peter destroyed this country. This is already written in the history books.

    Kachale is welcome but it should be known that Jane was not rubbished at the initial stage. No. Remember that both Chakwera and Chilima had confidence in her but after performing poorly she had to corrected and censured. The same will happen to Kachale and other commissioners should they mess up things. We want a better Malawi with a clear vision for development. Osati izi tikuonazi!


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