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Chilima Should Stop Being Childish; Kamuzu Was Never Champion Of Democracy

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Saulosi Chilima must have been drunk or he is just trying to be politically correct to describe Kamuzu as Champion of Democracy in his speech at Kamuzu Day on Thursday.

Chilima too childish

How would it be that it should be only Chilima who doesn’t know that Kamuzu was a ruthless dictator who destroyed democracy?

The moment Kamuzu landed in Malawi, what was on his mind was to covet all the power and destroy everyone who looked a competitor. Kamuzu never tolerated democracy.

Within three months after Malawi became independent, he clashed with some of his cabinet ministers who disagreed with his policies.

And he did not stop at clashing with them. He hunted them and killed then, one after the other.

In the first attempt of democracy before Malawi became independent, candidates that came up to compete with those that he had anointed were attacked and tortured they quit the competition.

Using very destructive tactics, he deposed MCP founder Orton Chirwa from the leadership of the party and made sure he silenced Chirwa by putting him in jail on trumped up charges.

He also made sure anyone from the North who showed political acumen to take over the MCP leadership was emasculated through killing them or hounding them to exile.

For 31 years, Kamuzu ruled Malawi with the brutality of a devil.  Everyone who dared oppose him was killed. Mkwapatira Mhango had 7 members of his family including children aged 2 months and 8 years killed when Kamuzu’s operatives firebombed his house in Zambia in 1989.

Mhango’s crime was that he had started a party called Malawi Freedom Movement (MFM).

Neither the change in 1992 was ever Kamuzu’s. The global geopolitics had changed and the regime was falling anyway, whether Kamuzu liked it or not.

Kamuzu and democracy cannot be in the same sentence.  Chilima knows that he is lying through his teeth to describe Kamuzu as Champion of Democracy. Kamuzu was a Champion of Dictatorship.

Chilima should just admit that he feels foolish to have allied himself with a party of bloodshed.

To decorate Kamuzu with a description that does not belong to that dictator exposes the game of hypocrisy Chilima is playing to endear himself to an instrument that killed people and rejected democracy.

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  1. HKB was a Democrat. He oversaw the most transparent and legitimate elections in our country’s history. Osati mbava APM and Janensa. Even acceptance of defeat was like those few British and American politicians. Inuyo a DPP and a UDF you stolen 5 out of the six elections conducted in Malawi


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