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More Dead Bodies to Arrive From South Africa

The Malawi government will continue to receive dead bodies of Malawians who died in the Republic Of South Africa during the lockdown, Ministry Of Health has confirmed.

More dead bodies to arrive- Dr Namarika

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Dan Namarika said this after the country received ten dead bodies on Saturday and six more bodies on Monday through Mwanza border.

According to Dr. Namarika, the deaths were due to non infectious causes such as road traffic accident, leukemia and assault. He said the bodies were being kept at South African Morgue/mortuary.

“The country is likely to experience transfers and movement of more dead bodies from the Republic of South Africa now that lockdown in that country is loosened.

The high number of dead bodies coming into the country at the moment is due to the lockdown that the Republic of South Africa implemented as a means of preventing further spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Namarika in a statement

He added: “Those dying of COVID-19 are being buried right in RSA regardless of their country of origin.

Government therefore would like to assure the general public that there should be no cause for panic when such dead bodies are coming into the country for proper burial.”

Meanwhile, government has appealed to the Malawians to take to observe prevention and control measures of COVID-19 during burial by working closely with health authorities.

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