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Parliament Endorses Lockdown, Postpones Budget Session

Malawi Parliament has postponed the 2020/21 budget session which was scheduled to start on May 8, 2020 due lockdown.

Clerk of Parliament Fiona Kalemba has confirmed the development through an internal Memo made available to Malawi Voice on Friday.

“I wish to inform you that the 2020/2021 Budget meeting of parliament has been postponed until further notice.  

“The postponement follows a lockdown Declaration due to Covid-19 pandemic,” said Kalemba

Malawi government through the Minister of Health, Jappie Mhango announced a 21 day lockdown as a measure of fighting the spread of Covid-19, a diseases caused by coronavirus.

According to Special Cabinet Committee of Coronavirus, Malawi has so far registered 16 cases and 2 deaths.

Around the world, lockdowns have become effective in preventing the spread of the deadly coronavirus which has no cure yet.

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  1. Let the government go ahead with the lock down, I just hope that the government has enough money to compensate thousands of businesses up and down the country who will be suing the government for loss of business due to the unlawful lock down…

    Judge Kenyatta already warned the government over the use of these outdated laws that the government is using to run away from the general elections, laws that infringes upon the rights of its own citizens.

    Wake up DPP and smell the coffee……you have been warned.

    If I were you instead of fighting with the concourt ruling I would have made sure that the country goes to the polls as quickly as possible before public resentment against DPP reaches a boiling point.

    DPP is making the same mistake that MCP did in 1992, calling for a referendum instead of just accepting multiparty politics and ask the people to go the polls as soon as possible, if MCP had done this am sure they would have won, but losing the referendum made a lot of people to believe that MCP was no longer invincible.

    Smell the coffee APM, the longer you hold off the July elections you are doing yourself more harm than good…..please listen to the voice of reason rather than listening to the parasites around you…


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