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Tikadzatenga Boma, We Will Finish Off Southerners-MCP


Chakwera to finish off southerners

I come from Central region of Malawi, Dedza district to be precise, Kamenya Gwaza and Ngoni by tribe. I am a resident of Blantyre and my intention this evening, is to rebuke the acts and threats directed to people from the South living in the capital city and other parts of the central region.

We have witnessed houses and property belonging to innocent Malawians, being torched to a ramble in Lumbadzi, Mponela and many other parts of central region.

 The only crime that these people committed is their home of origin being south. As of now, these people are destitute like IDCs in their own country. The property that they sweated for a long time, is all gone.

The victims are Malawians, sadly when we thought we had done away with the stinky barbaric Malawi Congress Party(MCP) anarchy of before Democracy, through the referendum in 1993, that decided no more to nkhanza zachipani chimodzi ; today 27 years later, we have noted with sadness that indeed bad old habits die hard.

 If MCP had rebranded as indicated by Chakwera when he took over the leadership of MCP from Hon John Zenasi ungapake Tembo, we would not have seen a pass out parade of Msundwe bandits, nor torching of houses belonging to people from other regions.

As indicated that I am a resident of Blantyre though originally from Central Region, my family has never been threatened not even once because of my home of origin, the people from the South do not even bother to hunt for Northerners or those of us from Central region, because these people realize that though we differ in our political ideologies, we are all Malawians and many of us would have expected people to live in harmony at every corner of this country because we are one, we pray together, we inter marry one another, we work together, eat and drink together and go to the same schools, why should politics separate us?

It is worrisome when you hear political leaders making statements such as “tikazangotenga boma, tizakusakani office ndi office” meaning if they are given a chance to rule, they will hunt for southerners in each and every office and fire them from work.

With such statements, you see youth leaguers clapping hands for these lunatics, what Malawi are you going to make? What if people from South decided to retaliate? The beauty is that they are peace loving Malawians and would not take this route, but don’t mistake their quietness, for being cowards.

We are all Malawians please let’s live as one, abandon the ethnicity egos, and live in unity.

“When my mind is free, I write what I see” �7y[��J�

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