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DPP Strongly Warns MCP Over Attacks: We Will Hold You Accountable




For Immediate Release

29TH March, 2020 (Lilongwe)


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is deeply concerned with a recent spate and increase in the violence and terror perpetrated by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and its agents. The new wave of terror has been gripped the Central Region where people in the districts of Lilongwe and Dedza are experiencing untold suffering and macabre attacks. We have issued this statement to condemn such violence.


These sad events, recent attacks and terror activities, are targeting our DPP governors and DPP leaders in various villages across Lilongwe and Dedza. We have received reports that DPP supporters are living in fear and some have abandoned their homes, they have fled their villages, and are currently in hiding.

We have also received sad reports where groups of people that were holding meetings over MEDF loans were attacked and dispersed by the MCP and its hooligans.

Some of these innocent people who were discussing MEDF loans are Malawians from the villages that are in the vicinity of MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera’s constituency in Lilongwe rural. They are innocent women, youths and men who were in search for economic empowerment to improve their lives and alleviate their poverty through the loans.

Some of these people who are attacked are not even DPP supporters. They are mere villagers since the MEDF loans are benefiting all deserving Malawians without regard to political affiliation. Unfortunately, MCP has in its usual style of using violence and terror, disturbed the economic prospects and has dashed the hopes for these innocent Malawians.


The DPP continues to register our profound concern with the record of violence that has become the identity of MCP as a party of darkness. History will never be erased as Malawians shall always remember MCP as a party of death. The Mwanza murders will never be forgotten. The death of Attati Mpakati, Mkwapatira Mhango, Chisiza and Orton Chirwa are all part of MCP’s historical legacy as a party of death.

Many Malawians were fed to crocodiles. Many lost their jobs, they parted with their families, and hundreds languished in exile because of MCP. A whole village of Che-Moto in Mangochi was burnt down under MCP.

The party never respected human rights. Members of Jehova’s Witnesses suffered and many had their properties including houses seized. The MCP sent teachers from the Northern Region back to their districts in 1988.

Special prisons were built such as Mikuyu in Zomba where people like Sam Mpasu, Edge Kanyongolo and Jack Mapanje were incarcerated for months and years. Sadly, during the Referendum of 1993, the MCP voted against change. They rejected multiparty.

They said NO to democracy. The MCP even planned to kill Catholic Bishops. But the majority of Malawians defeated the MCP and they chose democracy. Malawians chose peace and stability. They rejected darkness and we chose development.


We note with sadness that the MCP has not changed. We in the DPP hereby and urgently call upon all Malawians of goodwill to rise and protect our constitutional democracy.

The MCP has not transformed. Our nation has been infiltrated with actors that are masquerading as democratic actors yet they are bent on demolishing the very foundations on which our hard worn democracy was built. The MCP is on the forefront leading this crusade of terror.

We wish to repeat what we said a few weeks ago that we have recently observed the systematic collusion between Chilima and MCP who have hijacked the HRDC platform and have turned themselves into a three-some axis of evil.

As the DPP, we will not tire, we will not relent, we will not be cowed down, and we will not give an inch of space for this axis of evil to overthrow our constitutional democracy.

MCP is a misfit in our modern day democracy. They are continuing with their legacy and identity of terror. MCP has turned some few Nsundwe residents into modern day hitmen and agents of violence. We will not forget how a precious life of a police man was cut shot in Msundwe under the watch of the MCP leaders and Lazarus Chakwera. We will not forget how MCP and its agents have burned people’s houses, looted shops, demolished schools and set on fire police stations, all in the name of demonstrations.

Today, the Central Region is bleeding because of MCP. Parts of the Northern Region are also suffering from the joint terror operations under MCP-UTM and using the HRDC platform. We in the DPP will not get tired and we will condemn these undemocratic behaviours. DPP is a peaceful institution. We do not tolerate anarchy. We believe in development.


In conclusion, the DPP will ensure to protect our members from these attacks. The DPP wishes to assure all our supporters in the Central Region and in all regions of Malawi that we will protect you. We have put in place special measures, which we will not reveal the details here for obvious reasons.

These measures are designed to ensure your safety. We have already linked up with law enforcement agencies to bring to book all the perpetrators of this violence, and we look forward to the arrests of these evil minded persons.

We wish to strongly warn and caution the MCP. Enough is enough. This time around, you will not succeed in your plans to cause chaos. We will hold you accountable and we will use all constitutionally acceptable means to block your evil plans. As the DPP, we will defend the Constitution. Violence and terror will never defeat democracy and development; darkness will never conquer light.

Lastly, the DPP observes that Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to wreak havoc in many countries. Since Malawi is not an island, we are bound to be affected in one way or the other.

We therefore call upon all Malawians to follow the health guidelines and advice provided by His Excellency the State President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika. We urge all Malawians to adhere to the measures issued by the government. In addition, the DPP strongly warns the MCP and UTM to stop politicizing the coronavirus.

We wish to admonish MCP that instead of fighting Coronavirus, MCP is busy fighting people. Instead of joining hands to fight Covid-19, MCP is busy unleashing terror on innocent villagers who simply want to receive MEDF loans in the Central Region. We will not leave you to succeed with your barbaric actions. DPP will protect development. DPP will protect Malawi.

DPP! We are Unstoppable

DPP! We are Unbreakable

DPP! We are Unshakable

DPP! We stand for Constitutionalism; We Stand for Development, Justice, and Security!

Thank You, and God Bless Malawi.


Grezeldar Jeffery

Secretary General

Democratic Progressive Party

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  1. Heheheheheeeeeee! Let me laugh first. I wonder if this guy narrating this story is a Malawian. Let me tell you something, during MCP 1 party reign there was no any other political parties excising their existence which means including you, were MCP apart from Jehovah witness people.
    Let’s take it from multi party duration, how many killing cases this DPP been involved including albinos the Chasowa stories, Mzuzu killings people losing lives during rigging cases, bribes is your daily chorus, employing cadets to mobilise peaceful demonstrators, using police company to burying your criminality on top of that challenging people with your witchcraft practices during your rallies which resulted in hurting Timothy Mtambo. Buti, stop embarrassing yourself, please.

  2. Ndinu anthu opusa kwambiri zitsiru za anthu chomwe mukufuna ndikuipitsa mbiri yachipani cha MCP for your information kuno ku Lilongwe kulibe zopusa ngati zimenezo,poti iweyo Grezeldar Geoffery Pamtumbo pako ndi APM wakoyo ngati ali mantha nde muziona simunati,( wamantha khwangwala anafa ndi ukalamba )

  3. Ndinu anthu opusa kwambiri zitsiru za anthu chomwe mukufuna ndikuipitsa mbiri yachipani cha MCP for your information kuno ku Lilongwe kulibe zopusa ngati zimenezo,poti iweyo Grezeldar Geoffrey Pamtumbo pako ndi APM wakoyo ngati ali mantha nde muziona simunati,( wamantha khwangwala anafa ndi ukalamba )


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