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First Lady’s BEAM Trust In Afforestation Drive

BY Beatrice Humba, MANA

Lipenga, Mberenga primary school learner in tree planting

In an effort to provide vegetative cover, Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) on Friday led communities and learners in planting 100 tree seedlings at Balaka primary school.

Speaking in an interview, Francis Mofolo from BEAM trust said the trust thought of planting the trees at the school as one way of bringing back natural resources that will in the long run enable the district mitigate effects of climate change.

He said Balaka is one of the Districts prone to dry spell and by engaging students in the tree planting exercise the Trust wanted to teach the learners the importance of appreciating afforestation.

“We want the learners to take a leading role by ensuring that the tree seedlings, we have planted today are taken care of,” said Mofolo.

District Commissioner for Balaka, Emmanuel Bambe concurred with Mofolo, saying effects of climate change could only be addressed if people avoided wanton cutting down of trees and engage in planting more trees.

He therefore applauded BEAM for the initiatives and asked other organizations to emulate the initiative.

“We are very thankful for this exercise, as you know BEAM has been working tirelessly in order to create a favorable environment that we can live in, hence this initiative is conveying a message to our children to realize the benefits of afforestation,” said Bambe.

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