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Karonga Fans Pledge Loyalty to Nyasa Bullets

By Blessings Kaunda

Nyasa Big Bullets (NBB) football team supporters from Karonga are geared to intensify morale for the team towards 2020 Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM) Super League and other cup games.

In an interview, Karonga NBB supporters’ Chairperson, James Masula Loga said the supporters were inspired by Zomba Nyasa Big Bullets FC supporters, who were declared the best in 2019.

“Supporters add momentum to a team. They act like player number 12 in the field of play.

So we feel it is important to always be behind the team and give support like what our friends in Zomba do as they travel with the team to different matches,” he said.

Loga said one of NBB supporters in Karonga promised a vehicle for travelling across the country to support the team.

“Peter Harawa Vice Chairperson for Karonga supporters has given us a vehicle which we will be using.We will only be required to buy fuel for the vehicle,” he added.

Loga said besides supporting the team, the group aims to do charity works in the district such as cheering the sick, prisoners, elderly and other vulnerable people, adding it will sell the team’s products to raise funds.

“We will have Karonga Nyasa Socials for easy meeting and the teams will be from Chilumba, Nyungwe, Lumpepe, Kapolo and Karonga boarder where we have our zones,” he said.

Nyasa Big Bullets Supporter’s General Secretary, Mabvuto Chiwambo said supporters across the country should be vibrant for the team’s best performance.

“I am encouraged to see that NBB supporters in Karonga have taken such a step to be with the team wherever we go as it always gives morale to the players because they do not want to be embarrassed in the presence of their supporters,” he said.

Chiwambo urged all supporters in the country to embrace what the supporters in Zomba do as they travel with the team.

“We have gone in all districts across the country to inform committees that they should bring it all this season to support their team in 2020.

“Zomba supporters are doing it all and I ask supporters from other regions to do the same.

Supporters in Mwanza have Gulewamkulu so the supporters in Karonga can bring in new kind of support like their traditional dance which will be very unique,” he said.

Chiwambo promised supporters to expect fireworks during 2020 season because the young boys whom they promoted in last season from the youth team are now matured and ready to showcase their talents.

Soccer commentator, Charles Grand Master Nyirenda said the gesture by Karonga supporters is very good saying a supporter acts like player number twelve.

“Football without supporters is just like training sessions, so what Karonga Nyasa Big Bullets has done is a good decision,” he said.

Nyirenda said the group needs to follow right procedures on sell of the team’s products as Nyasa Big Bullets was being run as a business.

“Supporters from Karonga should follow the right procedure to be selling things like Magazine which was launched, NBB cups, scuffs, replica jerseys among other things.

“Supporters play a vibrant role for a team such as contributing through the selling of team’s products if proper procedures are followed,” he said.

Grand Master advised supporters of all teams in the country to refrain from barbaric behaviours which may put their teams in trouble.

“Some supporters turn violent during football matches which at last risk their team to pay a fine. All kinds of bad behaviours in 2020 should go,” Nyirenda pointed out.

He said supporters should not force their teams to use traditional medicine (juju) which he said spoils football.

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