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MCP Wanted to Kill Me- Ansah

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Dr. Jane Ansah has revealed that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials led party Party’s Secretary Eisenhower Mkaka wanted to kill her.

Justice Dr Jane Ansah Well to be Alive

Justice Dr. Ansah made the revelations on Wednesday when she was responding to a question from Parliament Public Appointment Committee (PAC).

She said MCP’s CEO Mkaka, Lawyer Ayuba James and Member of Parliament Richard Chimwendo Banda intimidated her not to announce results  for the 21 May Presidential polls or face blood-shed.

“There was a delegation from MCP that included Hon. Mkaka, they came to see me and the first thing that they did was to intimidate me. They said through a lawyer Ayuba, that if the results were to be announced there will be blood.

The same intimidation was made by Hon. Richard Chimwendo but later they withdrew,” revealed Justice Ansah

PAC has been conducting the inquiry since Monday with MEC Commissioners following ConCourt verdict which nullified the presidential poll.  

The court also ordered PAC to assess the competence of the commissioners to hold fresh elections.

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  1. A bias social media like this one lacks credibility,only favours it’s what u know,instead of balancing Interms reporting,you lack professionalim,

  2. Basing on Unandi Banda’s interview on the State Radio, the current parliament seating is ilegal and their discussion on 50+1 majority ordered by the con court is also ilegal and not binding. This I say because as per Unandi’s explanation, the current crop of MPs was elected from the unconstitutionally created constituency tally centres as declared by the Con court, as this was created by MEC using administrative powers vested in it with consultation with stakeholders including parties. The con court is not in the consitution of Malawi after MCP and AFORD had defeated the motion to have a con court in the country during a constitutional conference years back. The constitutional court was established on administrative arrangement by the Judiciary like MEC did with constituency tally centres. Both concourt and the constituency tally centres are not in the constitution of Malawi and cannot not transact any legally bound business in the country. Therefore all members of parliament currently in parliament should be declared null and void, as they were unconstitutionally elected including counsellors. Therefore the entire election should be declared null and void and get fresh tripartite elections conducted at a properly set date. Con court does not exist in the constitution of Malawi and their verdict is null and void just like constituency tally centres and therefore their verdict is null and void too. This is non existent court in the constitution which MCP and AFORD had crushed down its existence during the constitutional conference. So the seating of the concourt was just a waste of money, like the just gone tripartite funding by both government, parties and individuals were just a waste of finances, sorry for the participants.

    The way forward should be to have the members of parliament and counsellors who were constitutionally elected in 2014 headed by APM and SKC as was suggested by the non existent con court, but basing on Unandi Banda’s revelations back in office. All those appointed as ministers should resign and the the ministers who were there before elections should come back to their offices and these are the ones who are legally bound to carry out business in Parliament for the country. They can make amendments where they think appropriate in consultations with their subjects.

    Otherwise looking at the errors by this non constitutionally existed con court made the 2019 elections should be declared free, fair and credible and let the duly elected government proceed with business.

    As for tippex issue to me and even those who carried out the evil would agree with me that UTM and MCP made the plot through their roving monitors who connived with presiding officers in some centres to use tippex on administrative part of the elections form 66 result sheets so as to discredit the elections and block the winning by APM. How did they just think of takling presidential elections and yet the mathematical errors were in all results sheets for MPs, counsellors and presidents. MEC had ordered against use of tippex and MCP and UTM decided to do the evil by paying the presiding officers to use tippex or just go away without signing just some of their monitors did , but through Gods power the two parties forgot to launch complaints if at all they had any complaint on valid results. If there was no such complaint meant valid votes were genuine and therefore APM won the elections. Tippex was used by the losers to foster discrediting of the elections results. I have based my mathematical thinking on other evil things that happened in the country like killing of people with albinism MCP and UTM were high on their voice saying they would end the killings when they get into govt.and were blaming government for the killings with the aim of discrediting the excellently run government by APM and try to shift the voters from Govt to them which failed in a way. Then the same parties created fake news on anamapopa in Mulanje and other districts in the south trying to create unhappiness from DPP’s stronghold supporters to join them and failed. UTM and MCP were saying they would end anamapopa saga once elected into Govt. Having failed in all they decided to use tippex and went viral again Tipex Govt, Tipex Govt, celebrating like they did with albino killings and anamapopa. Even floods occureed in Phalombe and other districts in the south the two parties were quiet , never even visited them ha what the kind of leaders are these two? The two parties celebrate on issues they have created in trying to discredit govt in place. Their so called human rights group, HRDC, went terrorising Malawians particularly those from the south and killed one Mangochi born Police officer whilst on duty in Nsundwe. and HRDC declared that they would do anything to discredit DPP govt. Mtambo was recorded talking to some alleged killers of Masambuka telling them to mention APM, Ntaba etc to just implicate them on the saga, yet one of the alleged killers was caught and found to be a security officer for Dr Lazarous Chakwera, HRDC and Chakwera remained quiet without condeming this alleged killer from Chakwera camp. To me I concluded that the two parties are responsible for killings of albinos, anamapopa saga, tippex and other elections irregularities. Why were they bosting that they would end this within six months of their presidency if elected. DPP govt managed to stop all the evils MCP and UTM had created and went on to win elections. DPP is expected to win the tippex and irregularities saga and continue ruling the country. MCP and UTM are free to dispute my claims and let me debate with them on any willing radio station/TV station or stations

    On 50+1 saying would end up our woes , thus not true. Dr Baliki Muluzi got 52% and Bingu got 66% when the law as as it is. Why should we change it now. Let leaders learn to treat all tribes as one without castigating other tribes, in that way they can end up getting 50+1 results on their own. Why should you force 50+1 to make DPP and MCP alliance win elections yet Chakwera does not want anybody of the Lomwe tribe. During UDF MCP and AFORD also had hated Yaos. Malawi was supposed to make people be working together without castigating tribes. DPP has been preaching and acting on this nicely thus why there have been lots of support from the north for DPP and the next thing we hope for is one day to have DPP Presidentila candidate from the North and massively supported by people from the south, East and centre as well as the north itself. It is sad rt hon. Goodal Gondwe is old now , he would have been the first President from the North on DPP ticket. Another upcoming person is Hon. Billy Kaunda, he is non segregative person who associates with anyboby in the country. Please do not target our young upcoming politician Billy Kaundo having mentioned his name.We also have peopel like Jappie Mhango , Hon. Vuwa Kaunda
    who can make it to VP or President from the North in the near future on DPP Ticket

    HRDC, MCP, UTM and PP have widdened the gaps between the people of the south, centre and north, a thing Kamuzu , our finding father never advocated for. We were supposed to have amended the gap that created people from the south and centre not voting for a president from the north that was created by their past history of nepotism, regionalism etc. This time with working relationships noted with DPP, regionalism and nepotism stories that were associated with our colleagues from the north had ceased, it is no longer there. Ofcourse civil society organisations, diplomatic missions in Malawi, banks, NGOs, other govt statutory corporations, projects are still having regionalistic tendencies in their employment aspects and this is what remains to be routed out. Look at nation paper, daily times, Times TV and Radio, Zodiak, listen to their names they are regionalistic , so how do you expect these to transact for all equally never. They were supposed to be employing people on merit and from all regions. In Government now because of deaths , the Chewas are dominating silently replacing the north. Do carry out your survey on this . But look at MBCTV and Radio, they are names from all the three regions and very exemplary, timamva kukoma kumvera a Hope Chisanu a chigawo chapakati akutokota wawa pamodzi ndi amnake wa mbwindi Steven Maseya,a ku mmwera, A Chirwa ndi dzinali ayenera kukhala a Nkhatabay, kumpoto , mtolonkhani wopanda mantha, anafunsa funso lokoma zedi lokhuza atolankhani anzao ku Tally centre, that was brilliant wawa, Atsikana ambiri ndi anyamata ambiri ochokera madera kapena zigawo zosiyanasiyana akugwira ntchito yao monyadira osanyoza munth koma kupereka nfundo zabwino , kuphunzitsa, kudziwitsa, ndi zina zotero. Ine ndimamva nao kukoma anyamata ndi asungwana omenewa pamodxzi ndi akuluakulu ao onse. Pitirizani ntchito yabwinoyi.

    50+1 issue in parliament for me I think there is no need of causing fracas in the country. To me denying the motion or amendment is part of democracy. What the court did is not democracy, but dictation, hence in a sence it is dictatorship at its best. Now MCP voted against multiparty democracy in 1993, now it was to use dictatorship to include something it thinks will make it come back to hiding behind concourt, which is unconstitutional too. No this should not be accepted. Or tell us now whether we gone out of multiparty democracy principles to one party dictatorship where courts can just order to include in constitution any law not being accepted by majority rule.? If con court can be allowed to do that then it is not necessary to ask DPPmps to debate it . Just go and inset it in the constitution and period. The story ends there becoz it is no longer democracy but dictatorship at its best. Let me stop here for Best wishes to all Malawians.


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