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Youth Empowerment Through Art


Grace Nsonga – I have created employment for other youth through art

Many young people in the country have figured out that for one to be successful is not waiting for employment; self employment also does the trick. One area the youths are flourishing is in arts.

Grace Nsonga a young fashion designer took a bold step and employed herself after she graduated at African Bible College. She believed her art of designing and tailoring would be enough to be her number one source of income.

“I believe God blessed me with a designing skill, and while I was at school, I would use this skill to earn a little something for my upkeep. After I had graduated I thought it wise to grow this business and make it my number one source of income,” Grace said.

 As of now she has her own tailoring and designing brand called Grace Garment Zone. This business has benefited and opened so many doors for this young lady.

For instance she was able to pay for her tuition fees for her post graduate degree which she obtained at African Bible Institute; Grace also has had the opportunity to designn for Malawian models during the famous miss Malawi competition.

To add on this, this young lady has been able to employ other youths who work at her tailoring shop and like her; these young people are also relying on themselves.

Grace said this is something that brings joy to her that from this business, she can be able to assist others in need.

“It gives me so much joy that taking the bold step to start up my own thing was not a mistake. Now not only do I manage to rely own myself but also empower my fellow youth.

“My desire and goal is to see this business grow and be able to go international but also employ and support more young people,” the designer added.

Similar to this, we have three young talented men who started their company at a very young age called The Dream Manifest and they are growing and making an impact in the media industry.

The company founded by Praise, Matthew and Owen is a media company which offers photography, videography, audio production, designing and branding.

Praise Umari and colleagues- Arts has made us financially independent

Since the company was founded, these three young men have benefited a lot from it. For example, it has helped each one of them be independent on their own, opened so many great opportunities for them as a company and as individuals.

 This company has also helped them partner with other big companies which has created other big businesses fort them.

In an interview, Praise one of the founders advised his fellow youths that for one achieve this big dream, a person always needs to go forward despite the setbacks.

“Challenges will be there for everyone starting something artistic. Like for us, since we are not yet there and that well established, we do straggle with trying to partner with bigger organizations which are well established but we do not give up.

We keep going forward because what makes the difference is not giving up,” he said.

He added by saying that young people should not give up on their dream and always, they should follow what they want to do in life.  

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