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‘Rev’ Chakwera Sides With Msundwe Murders, Entices Them To Continue Whipping, Southerners, Tumbukas

MCP Supporters stoning capital hill offices during Anti-Ansah Demons

The Once Mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Revered Lazarus Chakwera has commended Thugs from Msundwe Township who were terrorizing Lilongwe and some districts in the central region branding them as super ‘Heroes’.

Reverend Chakwera was speaking on Saturday at Msundwe Ground during MCP’s thanks giving rally to Msundwe ‘Thugs’ for successfully causing unrest in the country. MCP is always assorted with violence and blood.

In his remarks Reverend Chakwera, a former Malawi Assemblies of God president said Msundwe Thugs done a recommendable work which cannot go without being noticed.

He also encouraged them to continue beating up members of others parties such as DPP, Tumbuka’s and Lhomwes.

Among others, Msundwe thugs were hired by the party to beat up people from Southern and Northern region who residents in Lilongwe suspecting them to be members of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The thugs also brutally killed a police officer Superintendent Usumani Imedi who was on a mission of maintaining peace and order in the area.

They also loot shops, undress and beat up police officers; vandalism both private and public priorities worthy millions of kwachas under the blessings of MCP and Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

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  1. chakwera is a disgrace, a great shame, the devil who uses muscle to intimidate and grab by force what isn’t his. on a sad note the judiciary always helps him to achieve his goals. you can recall how he terrorized his own legally elected ngc who were elected together with him in a 2013 party convention after enjoying full backing of corrupt local papers. in 2018 he defied all the odds with full support from our easily intimidated judiciary which helped him got a tricky injunction outsmarting the well reknowned lawyer, gustav, the legal gs of the party, who was replacced by mkaka his closest ally and relative in a mafia way to advance his desires of becoming the party president unopposed and dictate the illegal ngc. he went on terrorizing justice by gate manning the party headquarters using ruthless youth league from the same msundwe, who were armed to the teeth with machetes and clabs intimidating the trully elected ngc from participating at the convention. shamelessly he went on using the same antics to humiliate our democracy. our courts are a great shame of them all, passing verdict basic on pressure not from the rigging evidence rendered. this virus will infect us all if not careful and by the look of things kamuzu out smarts this guy. believe me even if we vote again and happens that he loses he will keep on quenching our blood until by fear we declare him the life president. he is dangerous and he will corrupt our constitution, the way he has done, and he is ready to kill, rape, burn and asphyxiate our zero aid in order to establish himself. his msundwe youth had sex in broad day light which in the end he implicated our police. the northerners don’t be carried away by this beast, he will terrorize you in disbelieve. mcp chased everyone to go and work in his region and denied other regions portable water. this chakwera who uses threats and intimidations will scotch us to death. chimwendo threatened the learned judges and our security person to bid farewell to their spouses and children on the judgment day in case the verdict went the other way. chakwera is the beast and the real devil.


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