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DID YOU KNOW? A Few Facts About The Judges In The Election Case

  1. Justice Mike Tembo was appointed High Court Judge by President Joyce Banda, from position of Court Registrar.
  2. Justice Redson Kapindu was also appointed High Court Judge by President Joyce Banda from a South African University where he was a lecturer. The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs that time was Ralph Kasambara, now a UTM die-hard.

Justice Tembo and Justice Kapindu were appointed on the same day (see Nation online of 24 June 2013).

  1. Justice Madise is related to Mary Chilima, wife to Saulos Chilima. He is also a person of Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party. He was on Khumbo Kachali’s side when Joyce Banda appointed Uladi Mussa as Acting President of the Peoples Party at the time she was living abroad. Khumbo Kachali allied with Chakwera in the election.
  2. Justice Ivy Kamanga was the Judge that presided on the treason case of the so called Mid Night Six (although she later recused hereslf).
  3. Justice Ivy Kamanga was also involved in the protest of Judiciary Officers against the appointment of Justice Maxon Mbendera to the Supreme Court saying she was more senior to Justice Mbendera.

Justice Mbendera was MEC Chair that declared APM as winner of the Presidential Elections in 2014.

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  1. no wonder their kenyan copy and paste ruling. kuzolowera kujompha basi. madise and kamanga would have recused themselves because of their relations involved in the case. this is a total shame. kamanga also recused herself from the mid night 6 because she was a family friend to kaliati who is the gs for utm, why not this time, very shameful!!! raph the guy who has turned our good boy chilima into a stubborn guy.

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  5. Justice Kamanga is not related to to Madise only that their sirnames are both from the north and that doesn’t work as the case didn’t involve personalities.

  6. Though I am not a lawyer, but I was surprised that statements made by the petitioners were just being copied and pasted being labled to be right whilst those for respondents all were breaches of certain sections. Is this the way judges are taught on how to determine justice. Then chiefs would do better than judges. What a shame. I had suspected cashgate to be behind payments of the petitioners which Chakwera acknowledged my thinking when he mentioned later in his speech in thanking Madam JB , that JB was sending support throughout the trial and thus why she has come. So the whole judgement is a fuss. What a shame. How do you engage all lawyers except one from one region to try a case of its magnitude. The Cheif Justice also being from the same Region. Can the Chief Justice please tell the nation the choice of the lawyers for the case. the chief Justice and all the four need to be displined or they should all resign for causing the fuss

  7. If the judgement is correct, then the nullification is for the entire election as the presiding officers are the same ones being faulted. Therefore both parliamentary and local government elections must be nullified. The previous members of parliament should be called to come back to parliament and continue to save as members of parliament until when the parliament would be dissolved. Those who were ministers in that parliament should come back to their portifolios until when the president would dissolve the cabinet. AMP and SKC continues to rule the country as State President and Vice State President respectively.
    What a shame JB, LC and SKC for corniving with the lawyers. no wonder information had leaked to say SKC had invited court support staff to a feast at his house in New year festive period.


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