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Congratulations…..But APM Awinanso!


The ruling of the high court sitting as constitutional court on presidential election case does come with it comprehensive picture of what exactly will happen in heaven.

The path to heaven is indeed narrow, and honestly I now feel some of the people we hope to see in heaven won’t be there. Very little things- things we don’t count- things we take for granted will actually matter.

I didn’t see the court nullifying the results, because I believe elections are about figures and about the will of electorates. I still think petitioners didn’t bring enough evidence to prove their rigging theory. But they won because MEC somehow didn’t follow some legal prescriptions

In their verdict, the learned justices focused strictly on the law and whipped MEC for every diversion from it until that first line they nullified the results.  I personally feel some of the changes MEC made to forms that the court described as illegal were done to accommodate recommendations from partners.

Further, I can’t help but feel for MEC Knowing its commissioners tried to improvise and innovate by, among other things, creating constituency tally center. And well, this wasn’t constitutional, the court declared.

In moving forward, the ruling offers broad, bold and comprehensive opportunities for the country to unite and move forward.

For the main opposition MCP and UTM, it offers them that one second chance to join forces and enter into a political pact. I still feel they won’t, because the battle hasn’t been for Malawians, it has been for their leaderships.

For the ruling DPP, well the landmark ruling comes at a time internal political divisions were a laughing stalk.  The ruling brings shadows of opportunities for the blue camp to reconsider some of it’s decisions.

DPP now has no choice, but to reconsider the choice of it’s running mate. This time APM will have to pick, for running mate, hotter contenders like Kondwani Nankhumwa, Bright Msaka or a reputable person from the private sector.

In the unlikely event APM will not want to stand, the team Nankhumwa and Bright Msaka will be the real deal.

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  1. Let God Be God Wherever There Is Darkness Where People They Can’t See,God Sees Light He Is The Owner Of Everything Psalms139v12, David Young Man Before His Elder Brother Anali Onyozeka Wopanda Maonekedwe Koma God Choose Him To Be A King Even Though Abale Ake Samaziwa Kuti Mulungu Waika Chani Mwa David, God’s Choice Its Not The Choice Of Aman. Therefore Let Us Continue Praying For Our Country God Answers Prayer Not Talker.

  2. Congratulations Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika no one can compt with you and you will be a president of Malawi until 2024. Adadie Wpyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. what a shame! internation observers elections were credible, foreign policy online tippex didn’t affect results and was never used for rigging(1/11/19)and yet malawi constitution court tippex is the one that made them nullify the result, very shameful indeed. how can apm’s critic be one of the panel judges? I lost trust in the judicuary and instead of it determining election dispute results lets be an independent body comprising of equal number of educated and neutral people from all regions who will swear under oath to tackle these issues rather than a panel full of people from one region. this is betrayal. we are tired of this politics. the credibility of this judgement is questionable and needs thorough analysis in comparing with impartial international observers. this election was fully funded by ourselves and remember everwhere human is an error

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