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Respect Constitution Court Ruling – UN Tells Malawi

The United Nations (UN) General Secretary António Guterres has called upon Malawians to uphold the rule of law as the country waits constitution court ruling on the high profile presidential elections case on Monday.

Continue upholding the rule of law – Guterres

The UN Chief Guterres made the appeal on Friday through his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric. He said Malawians should continue upholding the rule of law and peace as they wait for judgement.

“The Secretary-General calls on the Malawian stakeholders to continue upholding the rule of law and promoting peace, unity and stability in the larger interest of the people,” said Dujarric in a brief statement posted on UN official website.

He also called upon political parties leaders in the country to continue sending message of peace to their supporters.

Meanwhile, security agencies in the country have strengthened security in major cities of the country ahead of the Monday ruling.

Oppositions Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM Party filed a petition to court seeking the nullification of 21 May 2019 Presidential elections.

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  1. Malawians accepted the consitutional court ruling ofcourse with surprise. Now with all the revelations coming out , most like former Malawi President had some aprt to play behind hthe 2 Judges whom she promoted, the former Vice President, Chilima had his wife’s relation on the bench, and with the story that the judgement was made by two senior Supreme Court Judges and one of the judges on the benches, private lawyer Sunduzwayo Madise , behind the other 4 judges, the lady judge was also another disgruntled judge who should have liked to sit as chair in the Mid night Six trial where APM would have been declared convicted together with his team, and get death sentence, and some relationships we may not know as it is being rumoured, then Malawians should disregard the judgement . We do not have to accept judgement because the court said so when we know it erred in so many areas. Some of the judges belong to opposition parties, how would you have expected them to rule otherwise.

    It is unwise to ask people to accept judgement before the judgement is pronounced. If for example a man sued his wife for attempted murder through food poisoning influenced by a suspected man. Investigations are conducted by medical doctors and poison is indeed found in the examined food in question but this has not been disclosed to the complainants or respondents. Could be right to ask the respondents to accept the judgement that they indeed had put in poison with the aim of killing the husband to the lady, before the judgement is pronounced. Could be right to ask the complainants to accept that there was no poison in the food therefore the case has been quashed on no evidence before pronouncement of the case ? the answer is NO to all.

    So who ever had said accept the judgement before pronouncement was wrong, or else he had already seen the judgement , hence that request. So next time do not askpeople to accept the judgement before it is pronounced. Each person or group should get the judgement and then scrutinise it and if it is acceptable then you leave it like that , if not satisfied with the judgement , then appeal to the Supreme Court.


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