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My Prophecy

I think the best advice that can be given to Malawians is to prepare for more Msundwe-like violence.

Mtambo will not be on the scene leading demonstrations anymore. It will be MCP own initiated violence. Easy to contain but very dangerous.

Don’t trust Chakwera on his message for peace. He can’t be trusted and those that choose to work with him do so at their own risk.

Why am I saying this?

There is an audio of him and Mtambo talking about organising and using the demonstrations to tarnish the image of DPP and APM.

He said that in MCP, he is not going to allow recycled politicians. He had a well constructed philosophy against recycled politicians. Six months later, he kicked out Msowoya and brought it Mia, Harry Mkandawire, Joyce Banda and Khumbo Kachali. Massively controversial and recycled politicians.

On several occasions he has participated in a parliamentary agreement but the following day has gone to the streets to protest against the same thing he was part of making in parliament.

He criticises DPP of tribalism and yet MCP is the worst.

He said MCP had alternative election results from his tally centre that showed that he had won and yet up to now he has not produced those results.

He was all praise and approval of MEC up until he came to see that he was losing the elections. He changed tune. Jane Ansah became a villain. Malawi was going to experience bloodshed.

Lastly but not least, the way Chakwera criticizes and opposes APM. It is more or less just to be difficult and impossible. He doesn’t show depth of understanding of the issues in question and focuses a lot at belittling APM’S education credentials and his stay in the USA.

One example is when Chakwera was responding to SONA. APM shared some data to indicate how the economy was performing. Chakwera came and really pounded APM person. He the said, APM doesn’t say the truth, what he had given as stats was not the truth, they were certain selected academic indicators. They were not the truth, the truth are newspaper headlines and what he, Chakwera tells APM.

Another of his SONA responses was actually struck off from parliamentary records for being unparliamentary. This was first first time such a thing was done in the history of our parliament. (BY JACK BANDA)

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