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APM, MEC To Carry The Day


I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I gave it to you straight last year when I told you that APM would retain the presidency. Koma anthu inu kusamva.

APM to carry the day

And now I have even more awful, depressing news for you: His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is going to win on 3 February 2020. This laidback Lhomwe is going to remain our president for the next 4 years.

President Mutharika. Go ahead and say the words, because you’ll be saying them for the next four years: “PRESIDENT MUTHARIKA.” Never in my life have I wanted to be proven wrong more than I do right now.

I can see what you’re doing right now. You’re shaking your head wildly – “No, Mdyomba, this won’t happen!” Unfortunately, you are living in a bubble that comes with an adjoining echo chamber where you and your friends are convinced those 5 Judges are not going to rule for an ‘unpopular’ president.

 You alternate between being appalled at him and laughing at him because of some emojis the opposition social media team creates.

And then you listen to what Chakwera/ Chilima are saying and behold our very first presidential election dispute victory, something Malawians crave, something our democracy needs, a thing that has to be done if the country is to be saved because that is what the Malawian people clearly want! Yes! Let’s go vote again!

You need to exit that bubble right now. You need to stop living in denial and face the truth which you know deep down is very, very real. Trying to soothe yourself with the facts – “60% of the voters voted against DPP, APM wouldn’t have won.

End of the Road: Chakwera to lose the case

 Anabeladi!”– or logic – “the judge’s aren’t going to let Malawi burn. It’s against their own best interests!” – is your brain’s way of trying to protect you from trauma.

Like when you hear a loud noise at night and you think, “oh, tyre laphulika,” or, “wow, who’s playing with fireworks?” because you don’t want to think you just heard a gun.

Especially here in Malawi. It’s the same reason why all the initial news and eyewitness reports on o the onset of Operation Bwenzani said “it seems the army is doing some sort of training hence the noise.”

We want to – we need to – hope for the best because, frankly, life is already a shit show and it’s hard enough struggling to get by from payday to payday.

We can’t handle much more bad news. So our mental state goes to default when something scary is actually, truly happening.

The first people plowed down by the crazies that drive into crowds in the US/ Europe spend their final moments on earth waving at the drivers whom they think have simply lost control of their vehicles, trying to tell them that asochera: “Watch out!,” they shout. “There are people on the streets!”

Well, akulu akulu, this isn’t an accident. It is happening. And if you believe the con-court is going to annul the election with your facts and smarts and logic, then you obviously missed the past 8 months where the courts dismissed 34 out of the 35 election cases brought forward against MEC. That’s passing with flying colours. ku dinkula.

MEC Already won 34 out of 35 electoral dispute cases

As of today, as things stand now, I believe the same is going to happen with the SKC/Chakwera- APM/MEC case come Monday. And in order to deal with it, I need you first to acknowledge it, and then maybe, just maybe, you can find a way to deal with the mess you’re in.

At the end of the case Judge Healy Potani said, and I quote “Malawi election verdict to be decided on evidence in court, not public opinion”, end of quote.

verdict to be decided on evidence -Potani

So, no amount of threats “akangogamula mosakomera a Malawi kukhala nkhondo” is going to secure victory for the petitioners. That’s just not how the court’s function. There’s simply no room for intimidation and mob justice in our democracy.

I have analysed the case proceedings recordings and from what I have heard, here are the 6 reasons why APM/ MEC are going to win:

1. On tippex & alterations.

Tippex was used to correct arithmetical errors. Nowhere was it proven that it was used to disadvantage any candidate.

2. On verification of results.

ALL political parties had monitors at EVERY polling station & every tally centre. No monitor from MCP or UTM’s side raised any complaint on any result. In addition, at both the Constituency Tally Centre & the National Tally Centre, there were auditors who scrutinized every vote.

3. On duplicate sheets.

The data on duplicate sheets was never different from the data on the original tally sheets. The duplicate sheets had security features too & they were never fake.

These too had signatures of monitors from ALL political parties & no valid votes were compromised. There were no fake tally sheets.

4. On whether the elections were held in compliance with the electoral laws.

The petitioner presented no evidence to suggest that MEC flouted any election laws in the management of the elections.

5. On results on Form 66 being different from those captured in record log book.

The tally sheets were the ones sent to the main tally centre & not record log book.

6. On some manual sheets showing a bigger number of streams than computer generated result sheets.

There were established & non-established voting centres called satellites such as prisons. When voting is done in these prisons, vote counting does not happen in those prisons.

 It takes place at a nearby polling station where it’s added to an existing stream. Almost every district in Malawi has a prison.

So mdyomba, the real question is: are you ready to accept it when the inevitable comes? Or are you so out of touch with reality that you don’t for a second think the court can rule against the petitioners? Just like you were convinced APM/ DPP was weak and ready to be voted out prior to the elections.

You know what? I think the government needs to have temporary trauma therapy centers across the nation on standby because the dejection of not having the judgment go their way is going to be too much for some people. Kukhala kupanga ma stroke ndi zinzake.

God Bless Malawi.

Masile Une Wawo,

Mdyomba Che Ambute.

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